The lyrics of the songs of FAKE PUNK are now written 50%. Our strategy is to write drafts of the definitive lyrics, more texts than necessary or less than necessary. We are on the Web to diffuse our message that is not the same than in 1977. Read this page to have a first feeling about our songwriting.

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All lyrics signed by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP).

F C C F - F C C Dm Dm

To be homeless is a crime and a punishment at the same time.
Punks are homeless sometimes, they are fine, they call 311
for another reason: to speak with a record label, a major
or a different style of company, A SMALL BUSINESS.
The establishment is guilty about it responsabilitiy
for us to have no place to play our verse.


(Bbm Gb) x 4 DC

Destroy no future, you destroyed enough in the past.
Destroy no future, your hair is wrong, your face is right.
Destroy no future, you like the idea to raise a family,
Destroy no future, but you didn't hire enough employees
in your company.

Destroy the past, the legacy of the mistakes
you did with them to have more cash and credit cards.
YOU DESTROY YOURSELF by respecting no future.



I play with you, you a machine.
I want to finish, I want to win.
There is no other solution than our temptation to find a deal
that will be the solution for the characters
who are who we are in a context
that is not fair enough.


G# B B G# / G# D D Am.

When you say you make it, you make it.
In the 50's, I was born too late
to tell you there is the Rock'n Roll
BE CAREFUL, it's a music to drive you crazy
with so many players and dancers
and lovers of the revolutions it means.

NEW YORK, you're my City from a reality higher,
in the sky, the sea is your partner,
NEW YORK, you are the town the most
attractive for people networking together.

THE FIRST WILL BE THE LAST (it's in the Bible)

C Dm G E Fm

God save the Queen and also The BEATLES
but at the same time they are still #1.
The first will be the last, to be socially concerned,
they are the last band. After them, no more political content
in the songs played on the radio, it's a shame.
Rock music + politics equals a good cocktail.

Just a little dose of critics regarding our society.


Db Gm Cm Cm / Ab x 4

Do you have her phone number? I know that you have not.
She's not on the Web with some number,
she's the accountant of her career herself.
Now, I think we are 2 to exchange some conversation.


Eb Eb Eb Eb / Db x 2, Eb x 2 / Eb x 2, A x 2 / C Bb Bb Db

I walk in the street, thinking what it could be if I was a MOVIE STAR. I would be seen by the people really differently. I would go to their STUDIO to shoot another scene of my next FILM on the same SET with the ACTORS selected to play with me FOR MY OWN FAME.

If I was a MOVIE STAR, I would read scripts every week to select the movies I want to improve my career & show my talent to the moviegoers. I would be looking for my 1st ACADEMY AWARD for a 2nd role then for the BEST PICTURE OSCAR. If I’m not selected, I’d wait for the next year!

If I was but I’m not. I’m just a MOVIEGOER, looking for a manager, a big screen NEWCOMER, not a star but a PLANET EARTH outsider or almost.

I have not the profile, I have not the style, I have not the motivation, the opportunity, I’m too shy to say HELLO to a press reporter, I’m a simple guy and I have no TUXEDO!

One day, I will be in a movie as an actor to be a character , to give him my personality, to look like if I was him, to speak by myself the words he has to communicate to the camera and the persons he meets in the film, on the screen.

More than a MOVIE STAR, I could be a celebrity, accepting to promote some perfume, some brand, some car, some services. Invited on many red carpets , I would be with my wife an example of what you’re looking for when you’re AMERICAN.


Chords: Cm Am Cm Am / Am Em Am Dm / Am F G A.

I feel not the same than before with more & more stories in my head I would like to explain but I have not enough pen. STORIES, they explain what happens for you, for me. They are never the same or they copy each other, you must follow their order. They lie.

STORIES, they’re all around your present life. You can read them in books or watch them on a screen. They’re proposing a world to be unreal. Funny or not, short or longer than you expected, they are about a hero and his history so far. If it is a routine, you will find it boring.

STORIES, they happen all the time, they can surprise you by all means. You like to read them, page after page, you like to watch them or to listen to their content.

I’m sure you prefer LOVE STORIES, you must be afraid when it’s about a GHOST STORY, you enjoy feeling glad when there is a HAPPY END anyway.

TRUE STORIES are the exception. Their subject is not fictional but meaning events already known to be real. They can be incredible, more interesting than inventions of the mind of a professional writer.

Some stories deserve confirmation. Is it hard to believe? Is it sad to comment? It is the right way to understand what is arriving to your HEROES: some problems always to manage with expectations.

My SONG is like a HAMBURGER.

E C A G - B E D E - D Am E B - E B

My SONG is like a HAMBURGER. You can listen to it like you eat a SANDWICH, with mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard. My song is like a HAMBURGER.
My SONG is like a HAMBURGER. You like it or not but be sure it is not a steak or an ice-cream. It’s a fast-food for the lunch or the diner.

YOUR SONG is like a DREAM MAKER, a fortune teller. It inspires my brain and my soul. Let’s play them together to have only one super-song.

Eat my passion for music. I give you FRENCH FRIES for the lyrics, with salt and pepper, you will like them all. MY SONG IS LIKE A HAMBURGER. Some prefer Macaroni & Cheese, some are vegetarian, so they can prefer instrumentals but the best when you’re hungry is to eat my HAMBURGER!

Our band is like a RESTAURANT, we have different categories of BURGERS but I advice you this regular basic hamburger that is in fact special produced by BrAmStOcKeR: the bridge is the CHEESE, the verses are the BREAD and the chorus is the MEAT, some SALAD for a solo of guitar.

My song is like a HAMBURGER, your song is like a DREAM MAKER, let’s play them together. You do the packaging, I do the sandwich itself. We just need a lot of clients. I want our partnership to smell good in our KITCHEN that we’ll be proud to show to our guests as our BACKSTAGE.


C C G G - C C F D - D Am Am Em - Dm Fm

LEGEND of Mike FULLER is not known by everybody but it’s a SECRET for nobody. This guy came one day with a new PROJECT of completing a GAME, you know the rules because it is FAMOUS.

LEGEND of Mike FULLER is unknown by somebody. We don’t know if I was the WINNER. LEGEND of MIKE FULLER is about a guy who was never in the newspapers or on TV. He was President in another dimension, here just a shadow.

Mike was a politics fan since he was a kid. He became teen and decided to be involved in it. He chose the GOP to start an electoral career. He was different from the others. He looked more like a painter, not a real politician. He could have been sooner a State Senator but he needed to follow the orders. It’s the LEGEND of MIKE FULLER.

Like that, he got many friends who followed him all his career to tell him what could be improved in his program. He continued until the WHITE HOUSE with these first supporters who were not the last ones, ON THE CONTRARY.

He has the population with him because he could be the King. He has this sense of authority that creates around him in Washington some jealousy. He was elected by surprise but nobody was thinking someone else could be President.


C G F C - C C F E - F G 

77, we were young but not crazy, lazy maybe, not ready to be commercial, singing for the kids and the people in their 30’s a revolution. Enough, 77 was the year of the consideration of nothing except our motivation to have NO AMBITION. 

In 77, we had this ENERGY TO SCREAM OUR FATE TO THE MEDIAS. So what about (20)17? Year’s almost finished (but not) yet. In 77, we had this so great CONVICTION we would BE STARS OR NOTHING. Finally, we became NOTHING, STARS that’s not what we WANTED to finish our life, IN FACT! 

We wanted NOTHING, nothing special, a record, a T.V. set, a radio play: WE DON’T MIND. In 77, we ARE STILL THERE, to be STARS, for NOTHING. In (20)17, I don’t know how we ARRIVED THERE! Must be a TIME TRAVEL. Nothing’s THE SAME, we still don’t want TO CRITICIZE too much, JUST A lot OF 77! 

YOU HAD TO SIGN us a contract, WE COULD HAVE BEEN MoRe ThAn ThE SeX PiStOlS, the anti-ROLLING STONES or n o t h i n g. Whatever? Now, it’s TOO LATE. We see 7 7 a DIFFERENT WAY. There is tHIS MALEDICTION with OUR NAME but WE WON’T CHANGE it never. NeVeR MiNd. BE AN ANSWER. LeT iT BE, mother MARY. BrAmStOcKEr

This Album is dedicated to CLEOPATRA.

May 11, 2017, 4:45 PM