The Senior Air Scout section, named "Mann's Own," is the older half of the core Scout section of the Group.  The Senior Scout section has been developed for young people (aged 15 to 18). Members typically come to the Troop from Air Scouts and progress through Senior Scouts until they are 18 years old – when they have the option of becoming leaders, Rover Scouts - or both. 

Who are Senior Scouts?
Baden-Powell first suggested the idea of Senior Scouts in 1917 to try and prevent the leakage of older boys from the Scout Movement and you could become a Senior Scout providing you were 15½ and had gained your First Class.
However by 1917 you could not leave the Troop to become a Senior until you were 17 and by the end of 1918 the term Senior Scout was dropped and replaced by Rover Scout. It was not until 1946 that Senior Scouts was again officially recognised as the Section between Scouts and Rover Scouts.

Nowadays Seniors is for male and female youths aged 15 – 18. Their motto of ‘Look Wide’

describes the sections philosophy; in which they are encouraged to actively take control of their own management and programme.  Being in Senior Scouts is a great adventure! You can make friends, have fun, do your best and be proud.

How often do Senior Scouts meet?

Senior Scouts meet regularly; they work hard both independently and with others to achieve a great range of goals and awards (whilst overcoming whatever life throws at them along the way!) Senior scouts build upon their skills and hobbies they developed in scouts and often have opportunities such as camping, climbing, exploring, competing, cycling, canoeing and cooking as well as much, much more.

An important aspect to Scouting is learning to take an active role in the wider community.  A few times a year Senior Scouts will be expected to attend events.  These include taking part in the local Remembrance Parade in Fakenham (although attendance at the church service following the parade is optional), and other occasional Royal British Legion events.  We expect all members of this section to support Group fundraising activities. 

Skills and opportunities
Senior Scouts work extremely hard and have plenty of enjoyment making their way through a number of awards including the Bushman's Badge and the Venture Badge to gain their St Georges Award. Alongside this there are a great number of proficiency badges including the Rock climber, Electrician and Hiker. Senior scouts also offer opportunities to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

We have our own workshop, and two of our leaders are skilled engineers.  Currently we are completing a box kart racer, and we have plans to build an aircraft!

"Mann's Own,"  have additional opportunities to practice their Scouting, aviation and engineering skills.  This includes the possibility of signing up for a glider cadetship at Tibbenham, and a chance to earn their pilot's wings before their driver's licence!  Senior Scouts are strongly encouraged to join RAFA Youth, opening doors to additional experiences.  Although we are not a cadet unit, there are also some links between us and 2534 Fakenham Air Cadets, with several of our members being in both organisations. 

Senior Scouts meet on Fridays, from 6.30 to 8.30, at our headquarters or other arranged locations.  Camps and additional activities take place at weekends and during school & college holidays.

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