Our Headquarters

Thanks to the Sennowe Park Estate, Fakenham Lancaster are lucky to be headquartered in a fantastic location, a former quarry, just outside Fakenham, Hempton and Pudding Norton - with a large site available for outdoors activities, easy access to the town and the countryside, footpaths, a large public woodland and heath. 

Main Hall

Thanks to a generous donation and the support of local businesses we were able to replace the derelict portable buildings on site when we arrived with a purpose-built former "daycare centre".  This gave us a small hall, toilet, kitchen area and store room.

The building was repainted in blue and red (our Group colours) and modified for its new role, with a new kitchen, office, store rooms and the access to the toilets modified to suit the requirements of our Group and ensure easy disabled access.  This building is complemented by a large timber workshop building which includes an indoor rifle range.

The Site

Outdoors, our site includes over 2 acres of land, about half of which is now available for use.  A small activity and parade area has been created in front of the building, along with and outdoor flag pole and traffic island.  Outdoor lighting means that activities can take place all year round, with the HQ building available for those times when the weather just becomes too much!

A large garden area, including raised beds and a polytunnel greenhouse, is under development by David, the Wolf Cub Akela, to allow us to teach children gardening skills.  

A wildlife area, complete with a small pond, has been created and a large number of trees and wildflowers have been planted to allow our Scouts to learn skills.  A small camp fire dell for younger members has also been provided under this development.

Camping Field

Currently a camping field is being developed.  Several tons of topsoil have been delivered to improve and landscape the former quarry site.  

The camping field includes a sheltered camp fire pit, with banked seating and several terraced levels built by the Scouts themselves.  The outdoor firing range, built by Eddie and Tom, has been designed to also be used as a camp kitchen and dining shelter.  

A raised wooden bothy provides an additional bunk room, which can be used as a leader's room, store or medical room depending on the needs of your group. A urinal and composting toilet, designed by David, has been provided for campers. 

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