Norfolk Rural

Norfolk Rural is the name given to the isolated Patrols and Troops that Fakenham Lancaster support in the small villages and towns where a full Scout Group has yet to develop.  Each Patrol and/or Troop adopts it's own identity, using the "*Location* Rural" format, and can choose to be standard, Air or Sea Scouts (depending on support being available).  You then meet with your friends at times to suit you, and follow the B-PSA training scheme at your own pace.

can be issued once you have met the requirements, emailing us logs (like a diary for the activity) and photographs (and ideally a note of confirmation being provided by a parent or teacher).  You will also be able to apply for places on camps, visits and activities offered by Fakenham Lancaster Baden-Powell Air Scouts and the wider B-PSA.  The photo shows a member of Tuddenham Rural Senior Scouts taking part in glider experience sessions at Tibbenham.  Badges are issued subject to a small charge to cover purchase and delivery.

Uniform - Scouting is a uniformed Movement and joining entitles you to wear the uniform of the B-PSA appropriate to your section and the Norfolk Rural necker.  The uniform has been designed to be easy and cheap to source, with most items being available from market stalls and army surplus stores.

Contact us, and find out more details.

This shows the standard uniform for a Norfolk Rural Senior Scout.

The shirt is standard ex-British Army.
The trousers are standard "lightweight" trousers.  Not camouflage.
The badges are sundries are available from Fakenham Lancaster.

The two-tone green necker is the general one for rural Patrols, but Troops are allowed to request their own necker. 

Air Scout patrols would be expected to wear ex-RAF shirts and trousers (with navy blue "combat" trousers being an alternative to the RAF blue dress ones).


The B-PSA are also able to support Sea Scout units provided that it can be demonstrated that Scouts will have access to equipment and suitably-qualified leaders.