Fakenham Lancaster Baden-Powell Air Scout Group operate from their headquarters, close to the Fakenham Racecourse, Norfolk, in the heart of the Wensum Valley site of Special Scientific Interest.

The Baden-Powell Scouts Association

The Baden-Powell Scouts Association was formed in 1970, with the approval of Olave Baden-Powell, B-P's wife and World Chief Guide.  We retain the belief that the core of the Movement should remain outdoor activities, based on the skills of explorers, backwoodsmen and frontiersmen.

The B-PSA are not in competition with any other Scouting Association.  We do not make claims to be superior, and we do not seek to influence the policies of other Scout Associations.  We have a policy of goodwill and co-operation with any Scouting organisation of like-minded intent.  (4th Scout Law).

The B-PSA has no paid staff or expensive central HQ building, meaning that we can concentrate our funds on the important things - bringing enjoyable, practical traditional scouting skills into the 21st Century!

Fakenham Lancaster Baden-Powell Air Scouts

Our younger section, Wolf Cubs, meet on Wednesdays, whilst the Air Scouts and Senior Scouts meet on Fridays at our HQ Centre, close to Fakenham Racecourse.

As an Air Scout Group, we offer all the traditional Scout activities like orienteering, hiking, camping and backwoodsmanship (think of Ray Mears and you'll get the idea), alongside flying, gliding and aviation skills training provision. 

Working mostly with civilian operators, we aim to give interested members the skills that will help them into the exciting world of general and commercial aviation. We also offer activities such as ice skating, rugby coaching, scuba diving, national and international visits, target shooting, kart racing, and water-based activities.

Wherever possible we will adapt our programme to meet the individual needs of Group members. 

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