Our Community

Members of the Scout Movement have always been keen to help out in the wider community.  Fakenham Lancaster are proud to continue this tradition, and are always willing to talk to you about ways that we can help with your event.

Our members have considerable experience as car park and events marshals, having worked at the annual Fakenham Firework's Festival, "Wild About the Wensum" and other events in the local area.  For several years we have also sent a team to tidy the racecourse on the morning after the fireworks' event, ensuring that the course is left safe for racing.

We also help out by providing events and entertainment at annual fetes in Fakenham, and assisted in the running of the Lego events held at Holt Hall.

In return for this help we do ask for realistic donations towards the running costs of the Group and, where possible, a mention in any resulting news coverage.  

These donations are important to us as we receive no external funding other than that which we raise ourselves and we also feel that, at a time when there is so much negative publicity about young people, it is important that the contributions they make to their local area are recognised.

Need Some Help?

We will do our best to meet any reasonable request however please note we do require adequate notice (ideally 2 months) to be given of such requirements.  This is so we can be sure of adequate personnel provision for the date as well as complete the risk assessments and safety checks that are required to ensure the safety of all involved parties.