Aleister Crowley: Just another diabolical British agent

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Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle [Crowley] of infinite space IS THE PRINCE-PRIEST OF THE BEAST; and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given. THEY SHALL GATHER MY CHILDREN INTO THEIR FOLD.    Aleister Crowley, from The Book of the Law

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: "After Laura's death, Leland danced compulsively. We were told that Bob the killer was a gray-haired man. When Leland killed Jaques, his hair turned gray overnight. Leland said when he was a child, the gray-haired man who lived next to him was named Robertson. MIKE SAID THE PEOPLE BOB INHABITED WERE HIS CHILDREN. Robertson: son of Robert. The letters under the fingernails - R-O-B-T - Bob was spelling his name; a signature on a demon's self-portrait." from Twin Peaks


"The elite of the elite in Britain's secret dynastic life is Her Majesty's Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Queen Victoria reconstituted [it] in the 1880s.... The Order of St. John thus maintained DIRECT CONTINUITY WITH THE ANCIENT CULT OF ISIS."
"[The British oligarchy's] religion is not the Anglican Christianity they publicly profess, but a hodgepodge of paganism, including Satanic cults such as Theosophy [1] and Rosicrucianism. [2] The central, syncretic ideology of the oligarchy's inner cult life is the revived Egyptian drug cult, the myth of Isis and Osiris, the same anti-Christian cult that ran the Roman Empire. [3] And like the ancient Isis-worshipping Egyptian dynasties, the British ruling family networks have maintained power for centuries by keeping the secrets of their intrigues WITHIN THE FAMILY." [4]

Professor Noam Chomky, former associate of the Rand Corporation and heir of THE LATE HIGH PRIEST OF ISIS, BERTRAND RUSSELL, is a familiar of the cult of which Margaret Mead is a Dame and priestess. So are Professor Warren Sussman, Professor Eugene Genovese, and Professor William Appleman Williams.

The cult of Isis was created by Aristotle's Peripatetics during their reign in Ptolemaic Egypt, following their expulsion from Athens. In its original form, the cult of Isis and Osiris was the Phrygian cult of Dionysus [5] syncretically introduced to existing Egyptian pagan cults....

Down through the ages, the worship of Isis has been continued by "Christians who are not Christians" [and hijacked by the forces of selfishness and evil, who want to regress mankind to an animalistic state] and through a secret cult within Judaism associated with usury-practicing families of the Mediterranean, down into the allies of the House of Rothschild during the present day. [If the Rothschilds aren't servants of Satan's underworld lieutenant Mammon, then nobody is. The Cult of Isis in their case would be cover for Satanism or black magic.]

The leaders of apostolic Christianity were keenly aware of this evil cult, and of its ultimate origins. Hence, the New Testament gives the name, the Whore of Babylon [i.e. Ishtar, the Babylonian "ET god" who was renowned for her beauty and promiscuity], to the form of Christianity for which schismatic Archbishop Lefebvre is exemplary today. The ancient Roman families, Pallavicini and Colonna, are exemplary of those patrons of Lefebvre who maintain the kernel of Isis worship into the present day. [6] The Aristotelian Society of Britain, of which Bertrand Russell was formerly a high priest, is a guardian of the doctrine of Isis. [7]


Not all genuinely evil people are also stupid. Take the case of Julian Huxley, who represented a social set which included the following: his grandfather Thomas Huxley; his own mentor and Satanist Aleister Crowley; H.G. Wells; Brigadier John Rawlings Rees; Bertrand Russell; and, Julian’s brother Aldous. That collection was just about as evil as the British establishment types come. [This I think helps to put Crowley into perspective. All of these creatures were serving the Devil in some capacity - Crowley's job was to create a global army of pod people by luring suckers into Satanism disguised as black magic. However, because of his more overt connection with evil, his connections to the British empire were kept top secret. Even the book Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult deflects our attention from the fact that Crowely's Satanism WAS his mission for British Intelligence.] [8]


Throughout his adult life, Crowley associated with people who were, had been, or would be spies. When one of his ilk moved out of Crowley's life, another, as if by magic, appeared to take his or her place.
Eventually the files of the U.S. Army's old Military Intelligence Division yielded a thin dossier on Crowley's WWI activities.... American investigators, while probing the activities of suspected German spies, discovered that "Aleister Crowley was an employee of the British Government ... in this country on official business of which the British Consul, New York, has full cognizance." [9]


"In my third year at Cambridge [a hotbed of recruiters for British Intelligence], I devoted myself consciously to the Great Work, understanding thereby the Work of becoming a Spiritual Being, free from the constraints, accidents, and deceptions of material existence.
I swore to rehabilitate Magick to identify it with my own career; and to compel mankind to respect, love, and trust that which they scorned, hated and feared."

 Aleister Crowley, from Magick in Theory and Practice


4. Every number is infinite; there is no difference.

 Aleister Crowley (as Aiwass), from The Book of the Law [Still, he numbered every paragraph in the book.]


It is no coincidence that the figurehead of the modern Satanist movement (disguised as "black magic") lived in Britain. Britain is after all the headquarters of the British Empire, which is essentially a diabolical conspiracy against mankind run by a priesthood to Isis/Ishtar, which includes black magicians. So it is only fitting that Satanism, which is a war on mankind and a "subsidiary" of black magic, would emanate from the Britain. This also explains why Harry Potter "wizarding" fantasies are set in Britain (actually, in Scotland - Edinburgh Castle, is the real-world model for Hogwarts, and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, another tool of black magicians, awarded J.K. Rowling a fellowship for "increasing literacy"). Modern pop-"occultism" and almost every "fundamentalist" religion (all are typically fronts for Satanism) can be traced back to Britain.

In a previous essay on Aleister Crowely, I indicated that he was a Satanist playing the part of a black magician who had decided to refurbish black magic and reveal it to the public, which is absurd considering what is required to obtain actual secrets of black magic. [10]

However, I forgot to mention what I had concluded about Crowley long ago, which is that he was an agent of the innermost circles of the British empire, i.e. the ACTUAL black magicians of the Cult of Isis, which have been at the core of the British empire ever since it was the Babylonian empire. (Black magic got its start during the Atlantean epoch, and when Atlantis was destroyed through the misuse of spiritual forces, which is the definition of black magic, the magicians dispersed to various locations around the world. Fortunately the spiritual configuration of the Earth has changed so that black magicians can no longer destroy the planet directly with occult powers.)

I think the best indication that Crowley wasn't a black magician is his reputation for being a druggie and a libertine, and for encouraging his followers to do likewise. These are the hallmarks of the outermost circles of Satanism, which take the form of activities designed to cultivate an abandonment to one's lower impulses, such as those related to sex and anger. Such abandonment is intended to open the soul to a certain type of Satanic being known as Jupiter-man, i.e. the class of beings which will attain the human stage in our solar system's "Jupiter" incarnation (the next one). This form of possession is what Nietzsche, Satan's stenographer, meant by "the superman," and it facilitates the descent into SRA and demonic possession. The Jupiter incarnation of the solar system is what the Book of Revelation means by the New Jerusalem. Since this can't be faked by organized Satanism, they had to misinterpret Revelations so that "prophecy" could be "fulfilled" by doing such things as creating "Israel" and destroying civilization, the latter of which is their actual goal. The fake promise of a subsequent state of Heaven on Earth is intended to get us to look forward to the destruction of civilization.

Crowley's mission was to lure as many people as possible into taking part in the sort of activities which tend to open the soul to Satanic spirits - in other words, into taking part in Satanism disguised as black magic, since nobody would take part in it if they knew its true purpose. He got the trust of his target age-group (college-age kids) by playing the part of a rebel against organized Christianity, and by encouraging independent thought and promiscuity. But once he gained their trust, he drew them deeper and deeper into sexual depravity and drug use, which constitutes the outer circles of Satanism. Crowley's writings also encourage torment, torture, and murder, i.e., advanced SRA. He also apparently sought to lure people into taking part in ceremonial magic, which as I indicated in my essay Ye Olden Con (in Satanism section), allows certain people who have passed on to influence those partaking in the ceremony. The favored participants in such ceremonies are those who have the potential to influence the masses, such as members of the media or those who might end up as members of the media.

So, Crowley was given a suitable public persona courtesy of the British "empire of the mind," and he wrote, or at least was given credit for writing, many books filled with the sort of gibberish found in The Book of the Law, intended for those without a clue about nature of actual esotericism, or much in general. Note that much of his writings have the flavor of ancient (outmoded) Egyptian mysteries, such as those which are part of the Cult of Isis. Also note that Crowley sometimes dressed in clothing resembling ancient Egyptian garb, as part of his "black magician" persona.

Not surprisingly, Crowley didn't want anyone to examine The Book of the Law very closely, as indicated by the following, found at the end of the book:

The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading.

Whosoever disregards this does so at his own risk and peril. These are most dire.

Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence.

As an agent of the Cult of Isis, Crowley would have been involved in discussions of British strategy at the highest levels, as reflected in the above quote which connects him to "dirty Bertie" Russell, H.G. Wells, the Huxleys, and John Rawlings Rees - all of whom were involved in pushing one literally diabolical agenda or another, and one of whom (Russell) I consider to have characteristics of someone who is possessed. LaRouche regards Russell as one of the most evil men of the 20th century. His chosen symbol for his nuclear disarmament movement, the "peace symbol," is the symbol for the Cult of Isis, a variation of the cross-in-circle symbol for the Anunnaki's home planet Niburu.

The Cult of Isis can be traced back to the ancient Babylonian priesthood of Ishtar, originally Inanna, whose cult animal is the lion, with or without wings. The lion is actually a symbol of her air/space craft, which had weapons systems, apparently including beam weapons. The famous Ishtar Gate is decorated with drawings of lions. In ancient rock carvings, she is often depicted with lions, and in some cases, standing on a lion or lions. She is sometimes depicted as having wings of her own, standing on a lion without wings. There is even one "stone portrait" of her, wearing a flight suit with goggles.



Images and statues of winged lions are abundant in Venice, which LaRouche has exposed as the vehicle which conveyed the oligarchy from antiquity into the modern era. In fact, the winged lion is the very SYMBOL of Venice. Vittore Carpaccio's famous painting of the Lion of St. Mark, a winged lion, was commissioned by the Doge (top dog) of Venice for the Doge's palace, and it's still there to this day. (The text in the book in the painting, translated, states "Peace be with you Mark my evangelist.")


But "St. Mark" in this case is a thin veil for Marduk, a.k.a. Apollo, another of the ET gods. Although in ancient times Inanna and Marduk were constantly at odds with each other, their cults appear to have merged almost into one by the time of the Roman Empire, which was a product of this cult. So, the "Lion of St. Mark" is in fact a symbol of the secret cult of Ishtar/Isis which ran Venice. Venice eventually subverted England and took it over, and it just so happens that the lion is a symbol of Great Britain.

The successors to the priesthoods of Ishtar/Isis consider themselves to be the "master race" because they either are, or they believe themselves to be, the descendants of the Atlantean sub-root-race known as the Akkadian (see Cosmic Memory by Rudolf Steiner), which in ancient times had an intellectual advantage over the vast majority of mankind (the Aryan root race), which descended from the Primal Semite sub-root-race of the Atlantean root race. They were also apparently chosen to be the priests of the Anunnaki "ET gods" (note that Akkadian was the "international" language of the time), the latter of which withdrew as mankind in general attained consciousness of the physical world (symbolized by the myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden - being cast out of the Garden symbolized the transition from the atavistic, unthinking perception of the spiritual realms, to perception of the physical world and loss of contact with the gods). As the Anunnaki withdrew, I theorize, the forces of evil picked up the reins of the Isis Cult. The evil goal of destroying mankind dovetails with the "master race's" desire to stay on top of the heap no matter what. However, because, according to Rudolf Steiner, the descendants of the Akkadian sub-root race are unsuited for continued evolution, mankind in general has evolved through a couple of stages of evolution since then, and has caught up to them, although they prefer to believe that evolution stopped and that nothing has changed, and that they still have the right to treat mankind as their herd of cattle.
This oligarchy has ruled mankind for millennia, typically via the strategy of pitting us against each other to cause us to destroy each other, such as the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and now the "war on terror." Fortunately FDR was President during WWII, because he turned the economy which Wall Street had destroyed into a mighty war machine and fought the war to win the peace. From then on, our "wars" have been little more than advanced Satanism on a vast scale.

Another of the oligarchy's main instruments for controlling us is their "independent" central banks, which control their "free trade" economy by deciding the purposes for which credit is issued, such as $20 trillion for bailing out bankers' bad debts, and nothing for significant physical infrastructure. By issuing vast amounts of credit for purposes with low or negative utility to the physical economy, the physical economy is destroyed, and then the currency.

Their agent Crowley devoted his life to encouraging people to "chase occult powers" until "occult powers" catch them. This indicates the sheer evil at the core of the British empire, that they would use people as mere vessels for Satanic beings, to be used for assisting in the destruction of civilization and mankind. As of this writing, they appear to be getting ready to celebrate a milestone in this process with the creation of another royal couple in line for succession to the throne. Americans should wonder why "their" media are so excited about this royal wedding: they're conditioning us for the anticipated disappearance of nation-states, and the emergence of a global neo-feudal system ruled by Satan's British empire.


Rev A: 1) Removed erroneous statement: "Also note that "peace" converts to 30, Ishtar's rank within the pantheon of gods." In fact, Ishtar's rank is 15. 2) Inserted images of Ishtar/Inanna and of the Lion of St. Mark by Vittore Carpaccio. Revised text beginning with paragraph above images of Ishtar through paragraph below image of the Lion of St. Mark.

Rev B: Added:

Professor Noam Chomky, former associate of the Rand Corporation and heir of THE LATE HIGH PRIEST OF ISIS, BERTRAND RUSSELL, is a familiar of the cult of which Margaret Mead is a Dame and priestess. So are Professor Warren Sussman, Professor Eugene Genovese, and Professor William Appleman Williams.

[1] "Theosophy": Blavatsky's, not Steiner's - it appears to have been intended as a source of authority for various fronts for Satanism (an impressive-looking book never meant to be understood). The material for Blavatsky's books was channeled through her by an Indian occult group.

[2] "Rosicrucianism": the Venetian counterfeit version used as the basis for various "occult" groups.

[3] It makes the most sense to me to assume that the Cult of Isis is the Cult of Ishtar with the evolutionarily outmoded and leaky Egyptian Mysteries superimposed upon it. It is my understanding that these Egyptian Mysteries were also a source of occult knowledge which ended up being misused, and the misuse of occult knowledge for selfish or evil purposes is the definition of black magic.

[4] from Dope, Inc.: The Book that Drove Henry Kissinger Crazy, by EIR; Part 3, Ch 10: The Families Behind the Drug Empire [As of this writing, the latest edition of Dope, Inc. was published in October 2010.]

[5] Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy, a.k.a. wild abandon as in the outer circles of Satanism. In ancient times, this activity was intended to stimulate the then-fading atavistic clairvoyance in order to obtain guidance from the gods. Prof. Julian Jaynes, in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, provides historical evidence of this, but he superimposes a Darwinian perspective, since Darwinism is the official religion of academia.

[6] "Perseus is in turn nothing but a westernized variant of Marduk, the Syrian Apollo, a deity associated with the most evil forces of ancient Assyria and Babylon. The Venetians had their own Marduk cult, although subordinated to St. Mark, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, home of a Dominican monastery and today of the Cini Foundation, one of the highest level think tanks in the world. The modern British preference of Gorgons is too well known to need comment." from The Venetian Conspiracy

The relationship between the cult of Marduk/Apollo and the cult of Ishtar/Isis is intimate, as can be discerned from the following passages:

The rites of the Isis cult, which swept the Mediterranean in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, were closely akin to the Dionysiac rituals which had earlier been introduced into Greece by the same cult of Apollo which directed the Peripatetic formulators of the Isis cult. In the Roman period, in fact, the Isis cult itself was installed at the chief shrine of Apollo, Delphi.
What is the Cult of Isis?
Together with myriad spinoffs (e.g., the Magna Mater cult and the Mithra cult of the Roman army), the Isis cult became hegemonic in the Roman Empire prior to its overthrow by Christianity. Among Isis's patrons were the Roman dictator Sulla (ruled 82-79 BC), whose wars and proscriptions were financed by the cult center of Apollo on the island of Delos, and who promoted Isis in the form of Fortuna, the goddess of luck and gambling; the Flavian family of the emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian; and the Emperor Trajan's "court scholar" Plutarch, who touted the Isis cult as the universal religion -- worshipped in different forms under different names by all the peoples of the empire -- in a letter to the chief priestess of Apollo at Delphi, who is clearly addressed by Plutarch as an Isis "initiate" as well.

from The Witchcraft of Christians Who Are Not Christians

[7] from The Witchcraft of Christians Who Are Not Christians

[8] from Are You Neotenous?

[9] from Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence, and the Occult

[10] Initiation into each degree of black magic requires the commission of a murder in a specific and horrific manner which Rudolf Steiner perceived clairvoyantly (in the Akashic record). This was hinted at in an episode of The X-Files [6-6-6], when the black-ops agent played by Stephen Williams gratuitously killed someone to show Mulder "what it takes to know what I know." This also indicates a link between "black ops" and the occult - ultra-secret operations, which are NEVER officially truly revealed, designed for example to cause "prophecy" to be "spontaneously fulfilled."