Skull & Bones 1869 class photo [1]

But in this same epoch human beings will have to battle against attacks of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic [Satanic] powers that will be stronger than those launched in the days of Greek and Roman culture. Again in this later epoch the aim of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers is to alienate the souls of men from earthly life on the one hand, and on the other so to mechanize earthly life itself, to make its outer form so entirely mechanistic, that it would be impossible for the ego of man to live in the social order of the Earth. He would therefore take leave of it to enter a life apart from the Earth upon a separate planet [the Eighth Sphere]. [2]

Yet it behoves us to know that the enemy is wont to counterfeit this salutary advent of Christ [i.e. the Second Coming, which is not a physical event] with cunning fraud in order to deceive the faithful, and in the place of the Son of Man, who is looked for as coming in the majesty of his Father, to prepare the Son of Perdition with prodigies [3] and lying signs, that instead of Christ he may introduce Antichrist into the world.... [4]

Unless we mend our ways, unless our republic ceases doing what it has been mostly doing during the recent four years, we are indeed at the very edge of a chasm of ruin and despair such as has been unknown to today's globally extended European civilization since the great New Dark Age which wiped out half the parishes of Europe, and one-third of the level of its population, during the middle of the Fourteenth Century. [5]

 If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever. [6]    


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[1] For the probable occult significance of this image, see Skull & Bones' Group Photos: Signs of a Beastly Agenda? in the Black magic/Skull & Bones section of this site.

[2] Rudolf Steiner, Inner Impulses of Evolution, Lecture 5

[3] Webster's has a few definitions for "prodigy," of which "a portentous event: OMEN" seems to fit best. "Preparing the Son of Perdition with prodigies" would then mean that events would be contrived to portray Satan's agenda of creating "hell" on Earth, which will apparently coincide with his incarnation, as the fulfillment of Apocalyptic prophecies, in order to gain political support for those who are said to be God's "instruments of prophecy fulfillment" from those who believe that they will hasten Christ's supposed physical return and Earthly reign.

[4] from St. Jerome's Apology In Answer To Rufinus--Book III" (AD 402)

[5] Lyndon LaRouche, from the introduction to Children of Satan (

[6] from Orwell's 1984