Welcome to Faizan-e-Madina Lilburn, GA
Near Atlanta, GA

Faizan-E-Madina Masjid, Ashley Square @ 4800 Lawrenceville Highway, Lilburn, GA 30047
Parking place around 150 cars


Faizan e Madina Lilburn: (678) 520-5548, 203-917-8224


A brief Introduction to Dawateislami

Madrasa Tul Madina

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Announcement for Weekly Ijtima

Salaam All,

Pls come with your friends and families.

Weekly Ijtima on every Thursday from 8:00pm till 9:30 pm. Dinner is served usually at the end.

Jummua Prayer time: 2:00 pm (Speech starts around 1:30 pm).


Dawateislami - http://dawateislami.net
  • Dawateislami has spread their work approx 195 countries, It has over 92000 student doing Hifz in Pakistan. 
  • Dawateislami provides services in 63 departments such as Hafiz e Quran, Dars e Nizami, etc.
  • Over 1108 Free Hifz/Alim Schools
  • Free Medical Clinics
  • Tabligh e Quran o Sunnat in Masajids, public places, Jail, Hospitals, and more.. 
  • Weekly and yearly congregation all over world 
  • Deaf, Dumb, & Blind people rectification
  • Helping on many disasters i.e. Flood, Earth Quakes (Recent in Balochistan), Food Drive, etc.
  • Dawateislami has 63 Departments i.e. Educational, Welfare, Social, Research etc.
  • Please click on the link given below on introduction:
  • http://dawateislami.net/books/bookslibrary.do;jsessionid=70A436ECD4520C0700C59A6E0D8086A7.as2#!section:onlineRead_27.2.1

Weekly Ijtima on every Thursday 

The focus is on teaching the Love of Allah (Azza wa Jalla) & Rasool-Allah (Sallal laho Alaehe Wasallam). Spread the message, make us better Muslim/Mo'min, help us perform our rituals according to teaching of Rassol-Alalh (Sallal laho Alaehe Wasallam). 

These are some of the benefits but reality we have to attend and spend time in this Ijtima and the Madani Qafilas.
  1. How to Live today according to Quran O Sunnah of RasoolAllah (Sallal laho Alaehe Wasallam)
  2. How to spend/spread the message of our Beloved Rasool Allah (Sallal laho Alaehe Wasallam)
  3. How to give more times to our Family
  4. Improve on Aqeedah, 
  5. Strengthen our eman/Faith, 
  6. Increase love of Allah (Azza wa Jalla) & RasoolAllah (Sallal laho Alaehe Wasallam), 
  7. Prepare our Akiraah, 
  8. Fear Allah Azza wa Jalla, 
  9. Prepare for our Grave. 
  10. How to Thank Allah Azza wa Jalla & His creations
  11. How to help His Creations
  12. Prepare for life here and Hereafter
  13. How to do Ihsaan, Tawakul, Muhasbah, Fikr etc 
  14. How to please Allah Azza wa Jalla
  15. How to get close to Allah Azza wa Jalla
  16. How to respect your fellow Muslims
  17. How to improve our Family Lives
  18. How to Earn Halal-Rizk
  19. How to keep yourself away from Shaitaan-Murdood
  20. Learn about Lives of Sahaba & Auliya ALLAH (Rahima humullah)
  21. much much more....

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