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Created by Jackie Gerstein Ed.D.
Technology in the Classroom? Yikes!
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Web 2.0 Resources:
ScoopIt - Edu 2.0 - created by Steve Dembo - hub of the best  educational Web 2.0 tools in a visual format
Technology Tools for Productivity - organized by topic, ie - slideshow programs, video editing, animations, wordprocessing, presentation programs - all Web 2.0, all free
Fuzzwich - Great animation site, easy to create animations for any age, can be embedded into blog, great for digital storytelling
TackleBox of Technology Tools - another great resource filled with web2.0 tools and how to use them.
Web2.0 Guru - A wiki filled with the most comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools, rationale for using Web 2.0, best practices, 21st Century Literacy, classroom integration, constantly updated - start with this wiki
Tech Tools for Teachers - weekly email with a new tool for the week with examples and directions, great archive of previous emails, by Kathy McGeady, 2nd grade teacher in Australia
PictureTrail - real cool slideshows with lots of options
Shelly Terrell's blog - Web 2.0 sites that foster student creativity - with great explanations and resources
Web 2.0 Search - Search for primary classroom web 2.0 tool - alphabetical search engine
Learn It In 5 - Start here with Intro to Web2.0 and teacher-friendly videos on how to use many tools
WEb2.0 that Works: wiki with a lot of web2.0 projects and the links to best classroom practices according to Marzano, Bloom's Taxonomy, differentiation, etc.
Perk Up Your Projects - wiki with a lot of web2.0 projects
Blogs, Wikis, or Docs - comparison chart of which tool to use for what purposes
Indispensable Web 2.0 tools - a very comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools for the classroom
Empower Students - 10 Web 2.0 tools and step-by-step instructions how to use them (ie voicethread, kerpoof, shutterfly, etc.)
My Abodo - Design a house, change features and see how it adapts to different climates, then make a real-world change
Aviary - online free creativity suite - image editor (like Photoshop), music creator, etc.
Top 100 Tools 2010
TechChickTips - a great resource by 2 Texas educators - lots of Web2.0 tools and examples
Box of Tricks - A-Z web 2.0 tools for classroom teachers
Eduteacher - list of Web 2.0 tools for teachers compiled by teachers - continuously growing
Wee Web Wonders: Examples for use with little "folks"
Box Of Tricks - 10 Top Web 2.0 tools with class samples
creaza - create stories, storyline, kidfriendly
GoToWeb2.0 - great resource on MANY tools
50 Tools - another great resource with 50 different web 2.0 tools and how to use them
Jog The Web - Lots of Web 2.0 tools for kids (Thanx Tim!)
Domo Go Animate - create cute animation scenes, movies
XtraNormal - create movies from text
Magic Studio- didn't try it yet, but looks like you can add lots of different resources, i.e. timelines, videos, pictures, charts and can access community's resources also
Aviary - FREE Photoshop type tools online
Lino It - can post stickies, videos, images online, can put reminders for calendar
Steve Dembo and Hall Davidson - the BEST site - video tutorials on Web 2.0 tools with great classroom examples for usage
Magic Studio - build your own interactive resources
StoryJumper - write your own storybooks online
Dabbleboard - collaborative whiteboard - can have verbal interaction also
Storyboard - collaborative short stories
Otosketch - create sketches, doodles, pictures
Stixy - Collaborative bulletin board - post pictures, documents simultaneously
Photopeach - Create easy online slideshows  - I used with 3rd and 4th graders!
Bubbleus - Create individual or collaborative mindmaps, graphic organizers online
Gigapan - panorama images from around the world
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009
Voki - Create an avatar
Jing - take screenshots and record directions
BeFunky - turn pictures into fun artwork
Wordle - Create picture with words
Shelfari - create a virtual booklist to share with friends - Use carefully because it sends kids links to similar books and discussions
Bubbleshare - Share and upload photos, albums, and slideshows
One True Media - Funky slideshows with music and clipart and photos
Pagekeeper - Create organized lists of links to share with others
Glogster and Glogster/edu - create interactive posters
CamStudio - record audio and video screenshots and turn into AVI
Super Hero Comic Creator - create your own superhero with background, text, famous superheroes, create comics and cartoons
Smilebox - Make a scrapbook, can include pictures and videos, Great example: 1st graders
Bookseer - Recommends a book based on the last book you enjoyed
Zotera - Collect, manage and cite resources from Internet
ImageChef - similar to Wordle but more options
Face In Hole - put your face into different pre-made pictures
Photojo - 365 day picture mosaic
Slideboom - create slideshow with images, scenery, writing
Kerpoof - create animated movies, posters, original artwork, stories, can create student accounts
WimpYourself - Create a character like Diary of Wimpy Kid
Cool Cat's Favorite Tools - by Vicki Davis - Educator par excellence
Best Technology Tools by Richard Byrne
Free Tech for Teachers - A great resource - lots of Web 2.0 tools, technology integration ideas, great tutorials
Quizmodo - Help kids organize their study online with flashcards, files, notes, quizzes - made by students for students
Teacher-Training Videos - Great collection of tutorials on many topics
Build Your Wild Self - draw yourself with animal features - good for story starter
GoAnimate - Create simple movies to embed in blogs (doesn't seem to be working)
Create an Avator
Memoov- create movies and animations easily, good for digital storytelling
N.I.C.E. - resources - mini conference 2009
XTimeline - Creat a timeline online
Apture - Embed Video
Wiki Workshops - Training modules, professional development - great collection of wikis and workshops
Faculte - Create powerpoint like presentations with video online
10 x 10 - RSS feed of top 100 news stories of each hour in a picture grid - very cool
Storyboard - by Vimeo - Create cool stories - good for k-2nd grade
Live Binders - create organized, annotated links of websites for kids in a binder format
Children's Safe YouTube
Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers - by Nik Peachey - excellent explanation of Web 2.0
Vimeo - share your favorite videos, and videos that you've created
Skyping in the Classroom - videos on how-to, why, examples, projects
Online Tools for Schools - by Kathy Schrock
CompFinder - Copyright Free Images, Creative Commons
IconFinder - Find thousands of icons
Web 2.0 Projects saved in LiveBinder
ChessKid - sponsored by American Chess Association - play chess with kids around the world, includes rules for beginners and experts
Stage'd - create animated comics
Shmoop - slideshows and images from literature, History - great resource for images
Flixtime - similar to Animoto,  create 60 second videos with voiceover (which Animoto doesn't allow!)
Skype with an Author
Scriblink - Invite others to join a collective whiteboard with chatting on the side
Quintura Kids - Some type of search engine for kids that puts search results in a cloud
Sketchcast - draw and record at same time - read Kathy Cassidy's tips on using the program for little kids
Speakaboos - kids can listen to stories, teachers or students can record their own stories
Penguin Group - Kids can listen to Aesop's Fables - cute animations
Storylineonline - videos of books read aloud for kids
Tagxedo - Make a word cloud into a picture
Vuvox - Create a collage, very cool! Here's a sample: TinyTechies presentation at ISTE2010
WritingFun -Text organizer - explains different types of essays, has organizers to help students get started and organize different types of writing
Zamzar - Convert files from one format into another
PagePlugIns - Add flashing or glitter text, widgets, to blog or webpage - very cool!
PimPamPum - Type a sentence and the website will add an illustration for each word. Very cool!
Sweet Search - Safe search engine for kids, all sites previewed by teachers and librarians
Quietube - click on this to watch any Youtube video without ads or distractions - it opens up the YouTube video in a new window
Museum Box - Create a museum with a box for different pictures, movies, text - Ex: Make a museum box that shows all about slavery
ZooTool - Awesome, visual, exciting way to  bookmark websites,  images, videos from the web
Today's Document -  - History in cartoons - very engaging, makes history fun!
Join a Collaborative Project
Global Education Projects
Jenuine Tech - collaborative projects - k-8 (ie - Room With A View)
Jenuine Tech - Calendar of projects available to join
Collaboration Epals - 2 schools' collaborative projects
Wiki on Videoconferencing - with lots of resources and ideas
Voicethreads in Education - add your projects, comment on others
Ideas to Inspire - projects and ideas for using collaboration
Online Projects 4 Teachers
Projects by Jen - very creative collaborative projects
Vodburner - Record and/or edit Skype calls
WEB 2.0 Tutorials and Tips and Tricks
Glogster tricks and tips
Glogster Edu tutorial on You Tube
Smart Board Resources
Skype Tricks
Blogging Tips and Tricks
20 Best Skype Tricks
WSD E Toolbox - Resources and tutorials for many tools
Katy Scott - Web 2.0 explanations and integration ideas
Teacher Training Videos - ways to use Flicker tools in class