This is the live feed window. We are planning to show the Sunday school lesson around 10:15 and the sermon also later. It won't be on during worship and testimony, but when preaching starts we will start the live feed. This is our first time going live, please bear with us and let us know how it works from your end.

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Welcome back into the building!

We are happy to be back to having service inside the building.

Social distancing, masks, and precautions still apply.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

For further inquiries about Jesus and being set free from sin please join us on Sunday or call Pastor David Harn at 269-253-1100

Below are some associated ministries viewable online to keep your spirit well fed.

Apostolic Faith Church

Our District Elder Dorian Richardson

Christ Temple Church Kalamazoo

Suff. Bishop Tony Thomas

Greater Bible Way Temple

Our Bishop Ira Combs

Christ Temple Cassopolis

Elder David Johnson

Apostolic Faith Church Chicago

Former Presiding Bishop Horace Smith

Many blessings to you,

Pastor David Harn and the Faith of the Apostles Family