rules & dates

White Knight Awards 

rules & dates

  1. Nominations will open on Monday 3rd September and run through to Monday 31st December 2007.
  2. Screening will run through to Sunday 6th January 2008 and voting will start on Monday 7th January and run through to 31st January 2008 (voting will close at midnight in the UK).
  3. All nominated fics must feature Xander as a central character, with the sole exception of the 'Flying Buttress of Support' category.
  4. You cannot nominate yourself (nor can you vote for yourself)
  5. Only one nomination per author will be allowed in each category (if more than one fic is nominated we will contact the author to decide which fic to put up for screening/voting.)
  6. Authors nominated in the New Author category last round are ineligible for that category this round.
  7. The winning fics from round four are ineligible for nomination in the same category this round.
  8. Individual ‘ship’ categories will be created as and when enough fics (four or more) are nominated in that category. The remaining ‘ship’ fics will be divided into het and slash.
  9. Working, stable, public links to the actual story must be provided - not just to an archive site's home page. Any nominations without a working link will be deleted.
  10. Best site nominations must be Xander sites - TTH and other general sites are ineligible, as are sites devoted to another character. Shipper sites and personal sites are fine so long as Xander is the primary focus.
  11. There will be a limit to the number of fics and authors per category (15) - if the number of nominations exceeds this, fics will be included based on the following criteria:
    • Relevance to category
    • Presentation (including Spelling/Grammar)
    • Characterization
    Judges for this will be drawn from a broad spectrum of the fan community and those who are themselves authors will not be asked to judge a category they are likely to be nominated in. The final winner will be decided by popular vote.
  12. Het, Slash and Gen are acceptable in all categories unless otherwise stated.
  13. You can only vote once per category, any instances of multiple voting by an individual will lead to all votes from that individual being deleted.
  14. You can nominate more than once per category.
  15. The password must be included in all nominations made on the site. Failure to include it will lead to the nomination being deleted. The password for Round Five is near-death hijinks