Confirmation is a step toward a deeper knowledge and appreciation of Jesus Christ and the Church.  It is also the final step of initiation into full membership in the Catholic Church.  (IT DOES NOT MEAN GRADUATION FROM CHURCH)  The Sacrament of Confirmaiton is celebrated in the spring of Tenth grade.
In Confirmatin, we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit -- permanent dispostitions
that help us to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
With these gifts we are able to live lives guided by the Holy Spirit and, in doing so, to build the Church.
WISDOM helps us to seek and know the truth as God sees it.
UNDERSTANDING helps us to open our minds and hearts to others so we can identify with their feelings and see life from their point of view.
RIGHT JUDGMENT, or COUNSEL, gives us the important ability to judge between good and evil, to live according to God's ways.
COURAGE gives us the inner strength, or fortitude, to stand up for what we believe in through the gift of our faith, and to put our beliefs into action.
KNOWLEDGE gives us the opportunity to reflect on the life of the Trinity and the oneness of God's being in three interrelated, equal Divine Persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We seek to know God as any human being knows his or her parents.
REVERENCE, or PIETY, helps us to worship God, especially by participating fully in the liturgical life of the Church.  This gift also helps us to have an active personal prayer life and to respect others. 
WONDER and AWE in God's presence, or FEAR OF THE LORD, allows us to recognize all of life and creation as a gift from God.  This gift helps us continue to work to improve our relationship with God and to respond to the needs of others.
We do not assume all teens wish to be confirmed. 
The signs of readiness as determined by the Diocese of Syracuse are:
  • A personal faith consciousness as indicated by some type of personal prayer life and an awareness of God in his/her life.
  • An appreciation of Sacred Scripture as a unique aspect of God's revelation and as an invitation to an ongoing relationship.
  • A communion faith consciousness as indicated by participation in the faith community according to his/her ability, including Sunday Eucharist.
  • A sense of service as indicated by participation in service within the parish and the larger community.
  • A sense of Christian identity as indicated by participation in the faith formation process and other faith opportunities.
  • Confirmation calls for a personal decision on the part of the candidate.
  • A Confirmation retreat provides the time necessary for the candidates to reflect on the process and meaning of the Sacraments in their life.