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Loving My New Adopted City!

I love New Orleans.  The people are friendly and wonderful, there's fun things to see and do, and the city has a spicy, "anything goes" attitude that is invigorating.  Some highlights:

* Last night, I took Sookie to a coffee shop with me and sat outside with him watchfully resting at my feet while I worked on my iPaq.  I would estimate that more than half of the people who passed by stopped to talk and pet the unusually large monster sprawled under my table.

* This afternoon, I took Sookie (will all my stories involve the dog?) to an unofficial dog park that's two blocks from my bed & breakfast.  I met a sweet woman who started telling me about losing her dog in the hurricane: they had decided to ride the storm out in her home as her husband wasn't well enough to travel easily.  The water started rising, and she was crouched on a shelf in her bathroom to stay above the water.  Some neighbors came by with ladders, and they all climbed onto their rooves.  But she had to help her husband, and the dog got swept away in the current right before her eyes.

* The folks at my bed & breakfast are wonderful.  Everyone is on a first-name basis, and there's much cheerful conversation when passing someone in the courtyard.  The courtyard, by the way, is bursting with colorful flowers and has at its center a fountain.  The water flowing in the fountain is such a wonderful sound to lull one to sleep!

* My apartment is walking distance from all kinds of funky little shops - consignment, galleries, coffee bars, restaurants, antique stores.  I can't wait to explore!  Already I'm wishing that I were going to be here for longer.

More stories as I explore!

-6 Apr 2006

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

Trying out the new GooglePages - it seems so far to be extremely well done.  Pages are easy to create and edit, with a WYSIWYG editor, but you can also edit the HTML directly if you are so inclined.  Now if only this could be a destination for Blogger!  It seems that is not yet available, but I hope that it will be.

Update: javascript not supported.  My flickr badge, previously at left, became just plain text with links.  Since I can't have my flickr photos, how about a little snapshot from Miami: