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A (Beginner's) Guide to Fanfiction

This is primarily a writers' resource site; something I would have loved to stumble on when I first came to fandom. Other than that, my goal is to inspire and encourage people to write, and point them to resources that can help them write better.

In order to make this site more readable and interesting, I've included my thoughts and comments (and occasionally, charts, tables and screencaps).

My references are links provided, and books listed in the Recommended Reading section. This is focused on American English grammar and usage (though I did point out some British English rules; however, I don't know much about them). I've also tried to reconcile some rules given in various grammar and style guides.

Advice regarding posting and writing is my personal opinion.

Some parts of this focus on Harry/Draco shippers, others on the slash community. I've generalized where I could.

This is divided into several sections and I think it shouldn't be difficult to find what interests you and skip what doesn't interest you. I'm bearing in mind that there are people in fandom who are not familiar with technical aspects of posting, and people whose first language isn't English. So some sections cover mere basics of coding and grammar. Other sections discuss things that could be useful to experienced fandomers as well.

If you have any links to resources or essays I haven't included and you think I ought to, please provide. Any comments, suggestions, questions or corrections can be directed here at my LJ, or you can e-mail me at faith2wood @ gmail.com

Disclaimer: I do not presume to be an expert on SPaG, writing, or coding. On the contrary, I have broken most rules given here, and I'll probably break them again. I try not to break them, however, and that is all I would ask from others — to try. This site wasn't checked for any typographical mistakes by anyone except me.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Writing Fanfiction



1 Microsoft Word: Spelling & Grammar Check

2 Posting a Story

3 LJ Security

Recommended Reading





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