My little pink book (SOLD)

Bookworms beware, this book has no pages but it does contain a lot of stories.  Many of them are still to be told.  Just open the covers, set up the loft, hook up the ladder and your fairy and her friends are ready to play.
You can decide where the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom areas best fit.  Don't forget - as well as the two floors inside, there is a lovely back-cover garden as well as a more formal front yard with picture window.

If you pack it just right, all the accessories will fit inside the book but that takes a lot of patience so a drawstring bag has been provided for the overflow.  The metal treasure box has a padded interior for safe storage of the most delicate little pieces.  Those include a mini doll house, a toy train, and of course, the "silver" spoons.

    The book, the loft, and most of the accessories are wooden with a few brass bits and pieces as well.  I'm still considering putting in a curtain (it looks better from the outside but rather busy on the inside) but I wasn't certain about the curtain so I'm leaving it for now.
  By the way, that bird on the top is not attached.  She can come down for tea if you like.