On this site we have built a unit on fair use in the classroom.

Goal & Objectives

The main instructional goal for this lesson is for students to understand the value of fair use and conscientiously use the rules surrounding fair use when creating their own media. The more specific objectives include:

  • The LWBAT explain (state the meaning of) copyright, fair use, and creative commons.
  • The LWBAT create an accurate bibliography giving credit to the original owners of whatever media they have used in creating their own work.
  • The LWBAT make decisions on whether or not a piece of media has been used within the scope of fair use.
  • Given a search engine with a creative commons filter, the LWBAT search for digital media and incorporate it into a classroom project giving credit as necessary
This unit is intended to be performed over the course of two weeks (10 days). Below you find an outline of what will be covered each day. Travel to each page to find a description of the activities for that day.

For your convenience we have combined all of the teacher notes on the daily pages into one instructor guide.

 Week 1
 Week 2
  • Creative Commons
  • Bibme
  • Class Expectations Regarding Fair Use
  • Wanted Poster Project
    • Introduction
    • Work-time
  • Wanted Poster Project
    • Introduction
    • Work-time