The Fair Trade Coffee Trail includes four communities in the region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They are located from 1/2 hour to 2 hours from the city of Matagalpa.  Each is a different experience...

La Corona is a cooperative of organic and in-transition producers who are focusing on environmentally sustainable production techniques. It is 25 km from the city of Matagalpa and 12 km from the town of San Ramon. Here you can...

  • Buy some of Doña Elsa´s chocobananos (she might even let you help to make them!)
  • Spend an evening in the most firefly filled field you´ve ever seen
  • Hike down to the waterfall to pass a tranquil day of bathing, misty breezes and beautiful scenery
  • Visit the Cultural Center at the heart of this rural town and pick up some new skills

El Roblar has a women´s cooperative and a mixed gender cooperative that produce coffee as well as vegetables.  It is 35 km from the city of Matagalpa and 15 km from the town of San Ramon. Here you can...

  • Drop off the map as you lay out in the baseball field at night dazzled by a sky bursting with stars
  • Learn about natural medicine from the communities local experts Mayra, Maria Riso, Dionisia, y Aydalina
  • Hike up to the Mirador for an impressive 360 degree view of the Nicaraguan countryside
  • Learn about the production of Granos Basicos, like corn and beans

La Reina is a collective cooperative where the members produce and manage their land seperately but commercialize their coffee together. It is 18.5 km from the city of Matagalpa and 3 km from the town of San Ramon. Here you can...

  • Spend an early morning listening to and observing the region´s abundance of birds
  • Pack a flashlight and enter as far as you dare into the historic gold mines
  • Go on a monkey expedition to catch site of the many congos that you´ll hear throughout your stay
  • Enjoy a performance of traditional dance, and give it a whirl yourself!

La Pita is a cooperative that works the land together and produces and exports their coffee collectively. It is 17km from the city of Matagalpa and 3km from the town of San Ramon. Here you can...

  • Visit the women´s recycled paper project and pick up a few gift cards and journals to take home to friends and family
  • Escape the heat by spending an afternoon swimming in the pool with local children
  • Take in the view of the lush mountains and colorful tress from the porch of the soon to be completed Eco-Lodge
  • Talk with Doña Santo about Nicaragua´s indigenous communities, and make a day trip to the nearby textile producing indegenous community of El Chile
Photo Donation: Bridget O´Brien and Matt Kadey