1. Stay with a family of fair trade coffee farmers. Share in their daily activities
  2. Hike trails in the mountains surrounding the communities. Visit a waterfall or lake, swim and relax
  3. Journey to one of our various lookout points to take in the spectacular panoramic views of the mountainous north
  4. Learn about the production of shade grown and organic coffee, in the field
  5. Observe birds, animals, flowers ...Watch out for the beautiful quetzal or the playful monkeys! 
  6. Participate in different aspects of cultivation, depending on the season. (Coffee Harvest normally occurs November to February)
  7. Take in an introductory talk about the coffee cooperatives, the coffee crisis, and the economics of Fair Trade
  8. Learn how to make nacatamles, tortillas, cook with tropical fruits and vegetables, and make other delicious Nica dishes
  9. Go horse back riding and explore more of el campo cowboy style! 
  10. Visit a gold mine, a community center, or an artisan recycled paper project
  11. Visit a hacienda and talk with landless workers to understand this important ¨other side¨ of the coffee story
  12. Listen to live campesino music or enjoy the folkloric dance moves of some of the local youth
  13. Visit the  Solcafe dry mill and learn how our coffee is processed and prepared for exportation. Participate in a cupping session and learn about how to grade the properties of a cup (smell, taste, etc.) from professional cuppers.
  14. Meet with community-based development project collectives, women´s groups, leaders of the cooperatives, workers in large plantations, etc
Photo Donation: Bridget O´Brien and Matt Kadey

We Offer...

Our services cost between USD$10 - 20 per day, depending on the number of people, length of stay, and the types of activities.

The price includes food, lodging, and a community guide. For detail see our Price List

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