Promotions are the most valuable asset to a bar.  If a bar is able to have a great promotion, then customers will continue to come back.  Promotions are a vital part of running a successful business.  Over the last few months, Touchtunes, a digital jukebox company, has come up with a great way for bars to promote within their own locations.  The product is called Barfly.  It is an on-screen tv advertisement and it is at no cost to the location.  With today's technology, posters and paper taped to the wall do not get the customers attention.  Barfly is sure to increase a location's revenue.  Everyone looks at the television and because of this, Barfly offers locations a great way to promote their own specials or upcoming events.  The location itself will receive 10 ad screens in which you the owner/manager can choose what you want to promote.  Your 10 ad screens will show 15 minutes on the hour, every hour.  Your specials will get a lot of viewing time.  The best part about Barfly is that it is FREE!!!!!  If you do not like the product, you just need to give us a 30 day notice and we will be able to remove Barfly from your location.  Barfly will not bring people in the first time, BUT it will keep then coming back.

Below is a link to see how barfly looks on the television.