Liege and Lief

the most influential folk album of all time
Liege & Lief
Fairport Convention
Island ILPS 9115 December 1969
Recorded at Sound Techniques Studio, October 16 -
November 2, 1969
Engineer: John Wood, Sound Techniques Ltd.
Producer: Joe Boyd, Witchseason Productions Ltd.
with special thanks to the English Folk Dance & Song Society at Cecil Sharp House
Sandy Denny, vocals 
Dave Mattacks, drums
Ashley Hutchings, bass guitar
Simon Nicol, guitars
Dave Swarbrick, violin and viola
Richard Thompson, guitars
Ashley: "After the crash, we got together for a meeting and decided we'd carry on, bring in Dave Swarbrick on fiddle and audition for a new drummer. We'd opened a whole new can of worms with A Sailor's Life and we decided there and then to go wholeheartedly in that folk rock direction. So that was quite an auspicious meeting. We rented this big old Queen Anne house in a viilage named  Farley Chamberlayne, near Winchester and began work on Liege and Lief. Being in that house certainly helped form the music. We didn't dwell on the crash. There was a sense of adventure. It was uplifting. We were there for about 8 weeks. It was a very remarkable group. I'd say it's maturity was unmatched. Because we lived in that house all kinds of combinations were possible. And I wouldn't separate Sandy and Richard, everyone contributed to Liege and Lief sounding the way it did, Swarb, Mattacks...and Simon was such an important steadying influence. I remember it being a great shock to people when we appeared for that classic Royal Festival Hall concert where Nick Drake supported us and Dave played a solid electric fiddle for the first time and it blew people apart."


side 1

1. Come All Ye 4:55
2. Reynardine 4:33
3. Matty Groves 8:08
4. Farewell, Farewell 2:38.
side 2
1. The Deserter 4:10
2. Medley:
 *The Lark in the Morning;
*Rakish Paddy;
*Fox-Hunter's Jig;
*Toss the Feathers 
3.   Tam Lin 7:20
All tracks Trad. arr. Fairport Convention
except Track 1 Sandy Denny / Ashley Hutchings
Track 4 Richard Thompson
Track 8 Richard Thompson /
Dave Swarbrick