Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention
Fairport Convention
Polydor 583 035 (LP, UK, 1968)

recorded November 1967 at Sound Techniques, London

produced by Joe Boyd & Tod Lloyd for
Witchseason Productions

(Mono) Polydor 582 035 (June 1968)
(Stereo) Polydor 583 035 (June 1968)

Ian MacDonald (later Matthews), lead vocals, jews harp
Judy Dyble, lead vocals, electric & acoustic autoharps, recorder, piano
Richard Thompson, vocals, lead, electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin
Simon Nicol, vocals, 12 & 6 string electric & acoustic guitars
Tyger Hutchings, bass guitar, jug
Martin Lamble, percussion, violin
If (Stomp) written by Iain Matthews/Richard Thompson and published by Warlock Music Ltd.

Decameron and Sun Shade written by Paul Ghosh/
Andrew Horvitch/Richard Thompson and published by
Warlock Music Ltd.

The Lobster written by George Painter/Ashley Hutchings/
Richard Thompson and published by Warlock Music Ltd.

It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft written by
Ashley Hutchings/Richard Thompson and published by
Warlock Music Ltd.

Time Will Show The Wiser written by Emmitt Rhodes

I Don’t Know Where I Stand and Chelsea Morning written by
Joni Mitchell

Jack O’Diamonds written by Bob Dylan/Ben Carruthers

Portfolio written by Judy Dyble/Ashley Hutchings

One Sure Thing written by Harvey Brooks/Jim Glover

M1 Breakdown written by Ashley Hutchings/Simon Nicol


side one

1. Time Will Show the Wiser

2. I Don't Know Where I Stand

3. If [Stomp]

4. Decameron

5. Jack O'Diamonds

6. Portfolio (instrumental)

side two

1. Chelsea Morning

2. Sun Shade

3. The Lobster

4. It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft

5. One Sure Thing

6.M1 Breakdown (instrumental)
Bonus tracks on the 2003 Polydor U.K. c.d. re-issue:
13. Suzanne
14.If I Had A Ribbon Bow
15. Morning Glory
16. Reno, Nevada
Suzanne written by Leonard Cohen

If I Had A Ribbon Bow written by Prince/Singer

Morning Glory written by Tim Buckley

Reno, Nevada written by Richard Fariña