Going From Strength to Strength

 "One of the few, genuinely reliable things in a changing world"

- John Peel, on Fairport Convention

Over The Next Few Hills We Think.
 It's  been over  forty years since Fairport  came to us. I mean....where has the time gone.? You know what, though..? It's been incredible music all the way along the road. As Patrick Humphries, author of Meet On The Ledge: Fairport, The Early Years, said, "I'd rather see Fairport on an off night, than most other bands on their best night" or something like that. Personally We'd amend that to seeing any band on their best night.Unashamedly we say, Fairport Convention are our favourite band of all time, and to this end, we here at albionchronicles decided that maybe we should put together a few pages about Fairport and the wonderful folk who have been associated with the name.
It is forty one years since Fairport Convention played its very first gig. Formed in north London, Fairport Convention's first public performance was at Saint Michaels Church Hall, Golders Green, on 27 May 1967. The original line-up was Ashley Hutchings (bass), Simon Nicol (rhythm guitar), Richard Thompson (lead guitar) and Shaun Frater (drums).

Simon Nicol is the only member of that original line-up still playing in the band. After that inaugural gig in 1967, Shaun Frater was replaced by Martin Lamble (a member of that first audience) and the line-up was soon augmented with a female vocalist, Judy Dyble.
Fairport Convention became popular during the 'summer of love' and by end of 1967 year had released its first LP. The band was a regular act at London 'underground' clubs such as Middle Earth and UFO.

Producer Joe Boyd who ran UFO got the band its first recording deal. "We went from amateur to professional very quickly," says Simon Nicol. "We started out in May and were in the studio by September."

Ashley Hutchings adds: "We were happy to be making any kind of music. We started out by playing covers of west-coast acts like Jefferson Airplane but soon, against that background of flower power and psychedelic music, we came round to the idea of fusing centuries-old British folk music with rock."

Fairport Convention embraced folk influences enthusiastically. Sandy Denny, a leading light on the London folk scene, replaced Judy Dyble and traditional fiddler Dave Swarbrick came into the band's orbit, later joining them full-time.

In 1969, Fairport Convention recorded and released What We Did On Our Holidays, Unhalfbricking and Liege & Lief, consolidating the band's position as leaders of British folkrock. Liege & Lief has received a Gold Disc and was recently voted 'Most Influential Folk Album of All Time' by BBC Radio 2 listeners.

Forty - two years on, Fairport Convention continues to tour and record.

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