Skin Whitening and Lightening Recipes Site

Tips for natural bleaching, lightening, brightening and whitening treatments for the skin. Elizabethan and Victorian beauty recipes, natural skin bleaching, home remedies and authentic skin lightening techniques are available here.

"WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WHITEN YOUR SKIN?" is a question just about anyone interested in the practice of skin lightening winds up hearing sooner or later. Skin lightening has developed something of a negative stigma, possibly due to associations with racism (that being European or 'white' is better) and also thanks to harmful methods that have been in the past, and to some extent still are, used to bleach the skin. Additionally, the fashion at the moment is to be tan -- for a nice tan can both hide skin imperfections and it's something of a marker of social class in industrialized countries, where it basically screams "I have enough free time to spend outdoors and become dark!"

Regardless of popular fashion, many people prefer the look of clear porcelain skin. This site features advice and old remedies for achieving a pleasant pallor.

Just to be clear: this site is in no way claiming that you have to be white. It's all about freedom of choice.


I cannot be held responsible for any ill-effects brought about by using the recipes, products or tips provided here. Please use common sense and pay attention to how your body reacts when trying any new beauty products or treatments. Some of the recipes on this site are very old and may contain ingredients or promote practices which have since been discredited.

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