Club Dinner 2019


 Dinner 2019 at Llanishen Golf Club
The Presentation Cups

On October 26th our Annual Club dinner was held at Llanishen Golf Club. It was good to see everyone there. The meal was excellent and enjoyed by all.
The competition cups were presented by Judy Wood, David Pickin and Peter Coles (The Double Act !!!!). Well done to all of the cup winners and thanks also to all who donated raffle prizes.

The Pennant Shield

Peter Coles
Winner Senior Citizens 2019

Anthony Hogg
Winner Handicap 2019

David Pickin
Runner Up - 2 Wood Singles 2019

Tony Wall
Runner-Up - 3 Wood Singles 2019

Our wonderful tea ladies 2019

David Wall receiving the Pennant for 2019

Anthony Hogg
Winner - Championship 2019

Tony Wall
Runner-up Senior Citizens 2019

David Wall
Winner 2 Wood Singles 2019

David Wall winner of the three wood singles 2019

John (Moose) Hurley & David Wall
Winners of 4Wood Pairs 2019

Alan Bowring &Phil Wall
Winners of 2 Wood Pairs 2019

This is the first year for Tom to join this very prestigious Club 

Tom Wall - 2019

Already members

David Pickin, Phil Wall, David Roberts & David Wall

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By David (BAILEY) Pickin

Peter Coles
Runner-up Championship 2019

David Wall
Runner-Up Handicap 2019

Anthony Hogg
Winner - Derwen Deg 2019

Alan Bowring
Runner-Up Derwen Deg 2019

Peter David & Tony Wall
Runners Up  4 Wood Pairs 2019

Steve Davis & David Wall
Runners-up 2Wood Pairs 2019