Weekly Runs

Make sure to check the Facebook Page which may have changes to a typical run.

Fairmount Running Club Typical Meetup Locations

  •  Tuesday Nights (Step Workout)
    • A quick, fun workout every Tuesday at 6:45pm. A half hour of runs, jumps, plyometrics, and fun. Meet at the base of the steps. Our most popular event of the week--we are usually there rain, snow, or sunshine!  (Note: Another running club also meets at the steps at 6:30pm on Tuesdays.  We're the group that stays at the steps.)
  •  Wednesday Nights (Comfort Run)
    • The group leaves the Fairmount Running Companyl at 6:45pm every Wednesday, running at what ever pace people like. Typically, we run out and back, for a total of four + miles.  You'll find someone else who is running your desired pace and distance.
  •  Thursday Mornings (Carolyn Run)
    • The group meets at Lloyd Hall at 6am for a 5-mile run at a moderate pace (about 8:30/mile). Lloyd Hall is #1 Boathouse Row, at Kelly Drive and Sedgely Drive.

  •  Saturday Mornings
    • Are you ready for the challenge of trails? Meet onFairmount Ave. at the entrance to the Eastern State Penitentiary at 9am. We carpool to Wissahickon Valley Park, to take on the hills and rugged terrain. Overall, it's a slower pace than on the roads, but it is also less impact on the feet & knees.