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June 17, 2012 Gary Papa Run

FRC Team Members were there!!!!

Karl Savage (3rd place Overall)

John Semmel (3rd in age group)

Dawn Hilgert (3rd in age group)

Bennett Brookstein (3rd in age group)

Carolyn Gray

Tom "TugBoat" Cwirko

Gabe Givenish

Erik Wiessmann

Luigi Cardi

Todd Hilinski

Mike Potter

Jim McCoy

Dan Reitz

Jessica Brookstein

Stacy Brookstein

Irma Brookstein

Gary Brookstein

Jeffery Brookstein

Jean Laurent

Diane Arnold


September 27, 2009 Parkway Run 5k

FRC had 2 teams:

Team 1:

Jim Burke

Chris Bruke

Naomi Takahashi

Steve Hamilton

Erik Weissmann (1st in age group) 

Patti Pfenberger (1st in age group)

Bennett Brookstein (1st in age group)

Michelle Tudda

Mark Wynn

Team 2:

Tom Cwirko

Shari Sonta

Fram Magri (1st Overall Female)

Phil Celona



November 22, 2009 Philadelphia Marathon

4:22:39          Frank Pilson



September 27, 2009 Parkway Run 5k

Congrats FRC Participants!

Bennett Brookstein

Jessica Brookstein

Jamie Bucciarelli

Janine Hanosek

John Hanosek

Steve Hamilton

Frank Pilson

Naomi Takahashi



September 21, 2009 ING Phila Distance Half Marathon

1:59:22          Frank Pilson



June 14, 2009 Oy Vey 5k

19:50            Bennett Brookstein (1st in age group)

30:47            Jessica Brookstein



June 13, 2009 Coal Cracker 10k

          Shenandoah PA

46:48             Bennett Brookstein (18th Overall)

49:56             Steve Hamilton (3rd in age group)

52:01             Tom Cwirko

54:24             Naomi Takahashi (3rd in age group)

55:32             John Hanosek

57:32             Art Donley

1:03:07          Janine Hanosek

1:22:36          Jessica Brookstein

Special thanks to Cath Donley for the race support!!


May 17, 2009 Delaware Marathon

3:19:51          Dawn Hilgert (Boston Qualifier!)


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May 16, 2009  Girls on the Run Wondergirl 5k

          Houston TX

26:59          Stefanie Spatola

May 3, 2009 Broad Street Run

1:03:47          Jacob Gantz

1:07:21          Dawn Hilgert

1:11:38          Bennett Brookstein

1:12:07          Steve Early

1:12:55          Andrew Shanks

1:15:48          Carolyn Gray

1:16:34          Bob Linster

1:16:56          Alise Reynolds

1:17:37          John Hanosek

1:18:38          John Donovan

1:18:45          Tom Cwirko

1:19:39          John Donovan

1:20:12          Janine Hanosek

1:21:33          Niveen Ismail

1:22:04          Michelle Tudda

1:23:11          Maurice Baynard

1:24:04          Art Donley

1:24:32          Stefani Spatola

1:26:46          Ray Gonzalez

1:28:17          James Burke

1:29:20          Frank Pilson

1:29:34          Mete Egemen

1:29:37          Alison Lentz

1:35:54          Harry Gosnear

1:40:13          Ronan Gill

1:41:34          Marie Fiero

1:42:50          Adam Pflug

1:45:11          Renea Marut

1:46:19          Kathy Donley

1:48:55          Stacy Simon

2:09:54          Katherine Ross


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April 25, 2009 Narberth 5 Mile

33:11            Dawn Hilgert

44:02            Frank Pilson

March 14, 2009 Leprechaun 5 Mile

37:17            Bob Linster

37:57            Bennett Brookstein

38:38            Tom Cwirko

38:46            John Donovan

38:53            Joe Lynch

38:56            John Hanosek

39:00            Niveen Ismail

39:59            Michael Young

40:29            Eric Woodton

41:08            Mari Davidson

41:23            Janine Hanosek

45:16            Mark Wynn

50:11            Stacy Simon

A great turn out from FRC members! Thanks for running everyone!

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Be sure to send us your race results, at runfairmount@yahoo.com, or we will post an even slower time for you!                                                       


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