Club Leaders

Bennett Brookstein

Club President, Leads group runs on Tuesdays & Wednesdays


School teacher, Personal trainer Coach, Stick Rep.

Running since: 1986

Favorite FRC run:  Wednesday night comfort run and Saturday trail run.

Favorite FRC social events:  Broad Street Pre-race pasta party and Broad Street tailgate

Favorite race:  Broad Street Run (23 years in a row!)


Favorite running story/memories:

  1. As a kid, my Dad dropped me off at a race, and waited in the car until I finished.

  2. My 80 year old uncle came to see me finish the Philly Marathon and got me soup because it was so cold.

What motivates you to run:  Friends.

Favorite inspirational movies/books/music:  Ska Reggae; The Prefontaine Story, Cycle of Lies, The Fall of Lance Armstrong.

Favorite quote:  "A Race, I love a Race!"  from the movie Rat Race, Rowan Atkins.



Club "Social Director" and substitute run-leader

Triathlete and 6-time marathoner


Running since:  2002   Joined FRC:  2004.

Favorite FRC group run:  Tuesday night step workout

Favorite FRC social event:  Club pasta party before Phila Distance Run

Favorite race:  Phila Distance Run

Favorite running story/memory:

Crossing the finish line at my first marathon! (Marine Corps, October 2003)

What a great race!

What motivates you to run:  It is still a challenge. Every run is different and I still love to see how far/fast I can go.

Your favorite inspirational movies/books/music:

I know it's cheesy/cliche but any music from any Rocky movie can keep me going.

Your favorite famous inspirational quote:

“The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  -John 'The Penguin' Bingham


Wednesday night, leads the "turtles," the slow runners
Running since: 1995   Joined FRC:  2003
Favorite FRC group run: Tuesday night at the steps.
Favorite FRC event: Broad Street tailgate.
Favorite running story/memory: Disney Marathon '09. There was a DJ at mile 21, where I stopped running for a few minutes & took a "dance break."
Favorite running music: Coldplay "Yellow," Red Rider "Lunatic Fringe," Journey "Don't Stop Believin."
Carolyn (with her favorite 6ABC weather guy)
Running since: birth
Joined FRC: 2006
Favorite FRC group run: Thursday mornings @Lloyd Hall
Favorite Race: Atlantic City Marathon/Half
What Motivates Me to Run: assisting everyone in their fitness goals and needs no matter what level they are at.

Eugene Gonzalez 
Naomi Takahashi
John Semmels

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Fairmount Running Club,
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