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A message from our President:

Thanks for checking out Fairmount Running Club!

Our club formed back in 2003 for the purposes of safety, fitness, and mutual motivation.  We have participants at all ability levels.  Newcomers and beginners are always welcome.


Runners often hit the road in the morning or evening when skies are dark and there are few people around.  Sometimes runners go out to a quiet, less-traveled trail.  Running with a group can be much safer, and it can also offer a little extra motivation.  Instead of running alone, join one of our scheduled runs whenever you can.


As the club has grown, it has developed a social dimension.  We toast the achievements of our members at a monthly happy hour, and we have planned an occasional tailgate party after a local race.


We also strive to be good ambassadors of our sport, and of our neighborhood.  To support the running community, we try to volunteer for a few local races each year.


Various members have stepped into leadership roles over the years… leading a club run, coordinating volunteer opportunities, or planning social events.  When the time is right, maybe you’ll consider one of those roles.  Until then, join us for safety, fitness, motivation and fun!


There are no membership fees to join our club and we keep everything pretty informal.  We do keep a membership list so we can send updates and announcements.  On our listserv on Yahoo Groups, you might see 3-5 messages each week.  We make sure all messages are relevant to running and other club activities.  When you join the Yahoo group, you can choose to receive posted messages in your email.


Any information you provide to Fairmount Running Club will be used strictly for club purposes.  The club does not sell, distribute, or otherwise share any member information.


Over the years, this club has brought me a great deal of personal satisfaction.  I hope it does the same for you!



Bennett Brookstein

"da prez" 



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Important comments about SAFETY:


·          Only run if you are medically able.  Go your own pace.  Don’t take on more than you can handle.  We have enough variety in our membership that you should be able to find a few partners who share your ability level.


·          Each individual must assume all responsibility for risks inherent to the sport of running, and other risks associated with running on varying terrain of city streets, sidewalks, paths, parks and trails.  Act in ways that respect the rights and safety of others, while also keeping yourself safe.


·          Pay attention to factors like lighting, terrain, weather, and other conditions.  Watch out for traffic:  vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian.


·          Generally, we are safer running as a group, but we are still bound by laws and the expectations of common courtesy.


·          Our friends have a helpful webpage offering commentary on some local running routes.


·          More below under "Legal stuff."



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About our sponsors:


Even a low-budget, non-profit running club will incur some expenses.  Sponsor support, whether cash or in-kind, ensures that our club will remain dues-free!


Help us to thank our sponsors by giving them your patronage!


If you’d like to sponsor our club, email us at runfairmount@yahoo.com.



Fairmount Running Company

Footprint Organic Bamboo-Activewear

Montgomery Podiatry Associates

RGM Group Screen Printing Solutions

Rothman Institute

The Stick



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The Legal Stuff:


Each participant joining the Fairmount Running Club, whether for a single run or as a regularly participating member, acknowledges that running includes certain risks, and knows that there is no obligation to join any run or to run a pace or distance with which he or she is not comfortable.


Participants should not run unless medically able and properly trained.  Participants accept full responsibility for their own fitness and health, and they understand that Fairmount Running Club, its officers, group leaders and other participants cannot be held accountable if an individual’s effort surpasses his or her level of fitness and conditioning.


Participants further understand that the runs are informal and held on public property, whose condition is beyond the control or responsibility of the Fairmount Running Club.  Participants assume all risks associated with running including but not limited to falls, insect bites, contact with other runners, weather, traffic, and the conditions of the running course.  Each participant releases the Fairmount Running Club, its officers, group leaders and other participants from any responsibility for injury or other hardship the participant might suffer as a result of running.



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