Youth Civic League

Mission Statement:
A group of young people who will be visible and have a voice in the Fairmount Park neighborhood. We will make a difference in our community by assisting, obeying and following the rules and regulations set for us.
The Fairmount Park Youth Committee is comprised of youth in our neighborhood area. We have been involved in the following activities: Shoop Park Clean-Up, Easter Egg Hunt, Norfolk Zoo, Cinema Cafe, Museaum, National Night out, New Hope Community Day, Back-to-School Celebration and the Fall Festival throughout the year.
Our meeting is held once a month from 6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. at New Hope Christian Community Center, Brest Avenue, Norfolk. We also have speakers with timely topics to enhance the youth.
Cynthia L. Darcus-Wilson, Coordinator (757) 627-3099
Patricia Deloatch, Assistant (757) 288-5503
Sabra Gear, Assistant (757) 961-5982