Community Involvement

2013 Neighborhood Accomplishments

  • Our residents taking pride in their homes by correcting code related items after they receive a reminder notice from the League. 13 new notices were posted with 10 completing the work.
  • Neighborhood residents joining the effort to beautify by regularly cutting grass, edging sidewalks and curbs.
  • Citizens calling 911 to alert police to situations that needed police attention, resulting in an increased arrest rate and a lowered crime rate. Violent crimes are down  3% & Property crimes are down 1%.
  • Dozens of dedicated citizens working together to educate others on keeping their streets safe through our Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Our youth are engaging in more youth related programs and offering their time and energy to keep out of trouble and assisting in keeping Shoop Park clean as well as planting the new wetland park site.
  • Citizens continue to make litter reduction a reality by maintaining trash bins for public use at their properties.
  • Shoop Park neighbors keeping a vigilant eye on the park and picking up litter that is left behind.
  • Dozens of dedicated citizens (editors, printer, and distributors) working together every month to make sure all their neighbors received the Fairmount Park Voice newsletter.
  • Created more partnerships this year to focus on neighborhood needs including local businesses, various city departments, Norfolk Public Schools, Parks and Recreation, private developers, real estate agencies, Lafayette Wetlands Partnership, Skeo Solutions, NFWS and other Civic Leagues to continue the momentum and create strong relationships.
  • Working with Economic Development and Vice Mayor, a new O’Reilly’s Auto parts opened at the old vacant Eckerd building with renovations and adding to the neighborhood tax base.
  • Completed the Pope and Somme Wetland Project with new restored wetlands, educational signage, seating and the City’s 1st recycle station. This was part of two grants we won in 2012.
  • Purchased new trash receptacles for Lafayette Blvd as part of our ‘Clean Neighborhood Plan’ project with KNB to further  litter prevention and education. Cans installed November 2013.
  • Earned $675 for participation in the Earnn Program (year runs July to June)
  • Submitted grants for our new Lafayette River waterfront park and trails project with NFWS and Skeo Solutions.
  • Finalized design for renovations to Tinee Giant with property owners—renovations coming spring 2014!
  • Worked with CR Services to implement site and building improvements including exterior painting, new signage, planting beds and beautification to enhance Lafayette Blvd corridor and property.
  • CNRFC First Class Petty Officer Association hosted major wetland cleanup in wetland off Tidewater Drive.
  • Hosted community led meetings to focus on design of Lafayette Boulevard Streetscape and revisions to our Lafayette Boulevard Pedestrian Residential and Commercial Overlay District with city planning.
  • Fairmount Park won two awards at the 2013 CPAAAN awards for crime prevention.
  • Profiled in the Virginian Pilot article ‘Reduction of Funding Upsets Norfolk Civic Leaders’ Thursday April 25th,  2013.
  • Profiled on WVEC evening news story ‘New Plan to Revitalize Norfolk Neighborhood’ airing August 5, 2013.
  • Profiled in the Virginian Pilot article ‘Officials Seek to Lesson Hassle for Business Improvements’ Sunday September 23rd , 2013.

Fairmount Park Civic League’s Accomplishments in 2013 by committee:

Neighborhood Beautification and Codes Committee

  • Continued to lead efforts on Codes Enforcement with the issuance of reminder notices, weekly reviews and site monitoring for building, yard and environmental violations. Closed out 9 building code violation properties (some were holdovers from 2010) without City assistance and currently have 3 properties still working. Working with City on 14 other old cases (down from 21 cases).
  • Pushed for the acquisition of  properties for future fire station # 11 on Lafayette Blvd.
  • Working with City staff, the League identified and targeted ‘Derelict Structures’ under the new state law adopted in 2009. In 2013, 2 DS listed structures were demolished, 4 were renovated and 2 are being renovated currently and will be closed out soon. Currently 4 are out to bid for demolition, leaving 2 DS structures!
  • A total of 3 homeowners are currently in process for the NRHA Equity Secure grants/loans this year
  • League members completed review for Phase 9  tree planting with 91 possible new trees.
  • Hosted the 5th   Annual Holiday House Decorating Contest with many nominations and three category winners. The contest allows our residents to show off their holiday spirit.
  • Continued to push for redevelopment actions along Lafayette Blvd. Met with the city administration and Economic Development to lay out steps and a plan to create the ‘New Lafayette Blvd’ including acquisition plans, a city performed market study and next steps.
  • Worked with three local building owners to develop improved façade improvements using the Commercial Aesthetic Improvement Grants. 1 under design still, 1 ready for construction and 1 completed.
  • Completed 2 cleanups and a small planting project for the wetland park at Pope and Somme Avenues.

Crime Prevention Committee.

  • Continued to update block captains monthly of all crime incidents and provided tips on combating crime.
  • Hosted a Block Watch meeting to thank all of our residents who aim to create a safe, quiet, clean neighborhood.
  • Residents and the Civic League aided Police and Narcotics on removing drug dealers and other criminals from our streets. Our streets continue to get quieter each year! Crime down 4 %.
  • Implemented new web tool ‘Nextdoor’ to enhance outreach and community conversations.

Community Pride and Community Resources Committee

  • Continued distribution of the Fairmount Park Voice to 2,100 households monthly. That covers the entire neighborhood. The League continues to add to the email list serve as well.
  • Four local businesses in our community advertised their services through the Voice during the year. Many co-sponsored and supported the neighborhood thru donations and event support.
  • Increased Civic League membership by making more residents aware of the Leagues’ activities.
  • Working with Keep Norfolk Beautiful, the Civic League closed out a KNB and Lowes grant to implement a wetland educational park and install new litter receptacles on Lafayette Blvd to aid in litter prevention.
  • Continued the “Welcome Wagon’ so new owners, renters and businesses received area information. Majority of homes sales are to homeowners….a whopping 90%.

Youth Civic League and Youth Committee

  • Increased League membership and selected dedicated officers for the committee.
  • Held monthly meetings during the year with guest speakers to address youth issues.
  • Held events at Shoop Park including the Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival, as well as events at Cinema Café, Youth Open Forums, Wetland planting and birdhouse project and Shoop Park Cleanups.
  • Completed 4  community based projects:  55  Fruit Baskets for the Teachers at Lindenwood Elementary School, plantings flowers and shrubs at Pope and Somme Wetland,  helped install 5 Birdhouses for the wetland wildlife, and provided 5  Thanksgiving Meal Baskets for needy families.
  • Continued the “Youth Corner” in our monthly newsletter.
  • Performed a major clean-up at Shoop Park in time for the summer season. With this youth engagement, the Youth League earned EARN points from the city.
  • Youth League aided in the dialogue/design for new community garden project.