Overall Goals

Key Neighborhood Goals

·         Continue to build community Pride through education, support and outreach to our community.

·         Continue to develop more partnerships with churches, businesses, schools, police, organizations.

·         Continue to set and enforce the standards of a clean, quiet, friendly and safe neighborhood.

·         Continue focus on Lafayette Blvd strategic acquisition and begin to connect with local developers for new development work on the corridor.

·         Find a business/church partnership coordinator/liaison to enhance communications for our local businesses and churches and get them even more involved in the community.

·         Increase curbside recycling and providing educational information on green choices and recycling

·         Begin marketing outreach efforts for Fairmount Park as a ‘Choice Community.’

Neighborhood Beautification and Codes Committee

·         Continue to work on Codes Enforcement with the issuance of reminder notices, weekly reviews and site monitoring for building, yard and environmental violations. Special emphasis on Laf. Blvd code enforcement and the 3100 and 3200 blocks.

·         Work with owners to attract key tenants to Shoop Avenue Gateway into neighborhood. Continue adding aesthetic improvements for further beautification.

·         Ensure that street tree plantings occur for Phase 8 and 9 by working with PW and City Forester.

·         Strive for 95% of all buildings to be code compliant. 

·         Strive to have DS list down from 14 (old and new) to a total of 6 or fewer!

The Crime Prevention Committee

·         Plan and manage monthly meetings for National Night Out and host National Night Out Event.

·         Continue to build block watch program. Increase the % of blocks covered from 34% to at least 50%.

·         Continue to lower property crimes with focus on burglary prevention and larcenies.

·         Continue to request Block Watch signs as we finish streets north and south.

·         Host quarterly meetings with block captains to increase communications, networking and ideas.

·         Continue emailing of crime data and tips to Block Captains.

The Community Pride and Resources Committee

·         Continue distribution for entire neighborhood.

·         Create refreshed website with more images and regular updates.

·         “Welcome Wagon” to continue to meet and greet new residents, homeowners and renters.

The Youth Civic League Committee

·         Implement T-Shirt fundraiser for Youth Committee/Civic League

·         Incorporate more community activities/projects for youth.

·         Continue to invite speakers with timely topics geared toward our youth.

·         Continue to add new facilities to visit: Portsmouth Hall of Fame, Live Play, Attucks Theatre, EARN Program and Keep America Beautiful, Social Dinner out, etc.

·         Continue to build partnerships with neighborhood schools, the police and churches for youth projects.

·         Continue “Youth Corner” in monthly newsletter for community awareness.