Civic League Board Members Committee Chairs
President Beautification and Codes

Tameeka Williams                


Taylor Gould 

Vice President Neighborhood Watch


Neal George 

Secretary Community Pride

Sabra Gear 


Open Position

Treasurer/ Membership Open Position

Ray Boland 

627-4423 Youth Civic League
Newsletter Editor

Cynthia Darcus-Wilson


Nicole Weisstanner


Mission Statement

Our Civic League exists to promote good citizenship among residents, businesses, and property owners in Fairmount Park; and to promote a clean, safe, and friendly neighborhood experience for all our businesses, residents and guests.
Civic League 
History and Vision

Early in 1980, concerned citizens came together to discuss the issues of the day affecting the communities around Shoop Park. The Fairmount Park Civic League formed in May of 1980 and originally represented  seven distinct neighborhoods. Later, the Bell’s Farm and Kent Park neighborhoods were added. Today, the Civic League represents over 2,300 households and is the second largest Civic League in the City of Norfolk. The League also represents the largest voting block in Ward 3. Throughout the years, the League has played a vital and pivotal role in shaping the planning and revitalization of the neighborhoods including the numerous planning studies, hosting the City’s first National Night Out in 2002 for crime prevention, the House of the Month Program, yearly neighborhood area clean-ups, voter registration drives, the Fairmount Park Task Force, a Codes Committee and the Neighborhood Watch program. The Civic League meets monthly for a social followed by an organized meeting to discuss neighborhood planning, on-going projects, and any resident issues. The input of all citizens and businesses in the community continues to be of the highest priority of the Civic League. The membership continues to grow and the League continues to press for what is needed to turn our neighborhood around and keep it strong.