Fairlands Room Parents assist teachers in planning classroom activities and act as a liaison between Fairlands PTA and families. Sign up to be a room parent at Back to School Night or check with your child's teacher for availability.

Room Parent Responsibilities:

May include but not limited to:

1. Act as a liaison between the classroom parents and the PTA. It is helpful to attend PTA general meetings when possible.

2. Act as an activities coordinator for all celebrations in the classroom and provide information between the teacher and classroom parents.

3. Maintain a positive working relationship with the teacher.

4. Assist the teacher in the classroom and with material preparation as deemed necessary by the teacher.

5. Assist the teacher with planning and implementing special events and projects.

6. Coordinate volunteers as requested for classroom activities and instruction.

7. Coordinate volunteers for PTA events.

8. The PTA will not cover the cost of food or supplies used for classroom activities.

*Each classroom may have more than one room parent. Parents can act as co-room parents, with all room parents taking on the responsibility of representing the PTA.