Welcome back to the Fairlands' library. I hope that everyone had a restful and relaxing summer break that included lots of reading. By now, all of the classes have been to the library at least once and many students have already checked out library books. We have lots of fun, new books and are expecting another shipment soon.

All second through fifth grade classes come to library for a regularly scheduled visit every other week, while kindergarten and first grade come every week. I have included a library schedule so that you can see which day your child(ren) come to the library and remind them to return their book(s) on time. However, I tell the students every year that it is their responsibility (not their parents’ responsibility) to return their library books on time. I always suggest that they keep all library books in their backpacks when they are not reading them, so that they will always have their books with them on library day.

If a child forgets his/her book on library day s/he will not be able to check out a new book at that visit. Instead the child will be allowed to read a magazine during that visit. However, we do have recess and lunchtime hours for students to exchange books should they be unable to do it during their regularly scheduled library time.

Finally, I’d like to ask for some help from you. If you like books and enjoy working with children, I am always looking for parent volunteers to help out in the library. If you’re interested in doing this, please stop by the library so we can find a mutually agreeable time. You can volunteer for as little as a half an hour every other week or as much as a full day every week. I’m delighted with whatever time you can share with me.

I’m looking forward to introducing your kids to some really terrific and fun new books this year.

Mrs. Peterson

Library/Media Assistant