Fairlands Art Docents (FAD)

Program bringing art lessons to the classroom

What is FAD?

FAD is a volunteer-based art program that provides visual art enrichment in the classroom. Parent volunteers are trained by our art specialists on grade appropriate art lessons. Once trained, they take the lessons to the classroom and teach the kids a variety of art lessons.

FAD explores art history, culture and different art movements while using different medium – pen, oil pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints, clay and more. Each grade has a set of lessons that are written based on the California State Standards for visual arts. The lessons provide building blocks needed to progress into middle school and high school level visual art classes. There is an emphasis in vocabulary, concept and collaboration developed into the FAD curriculum.

With the state budget cuts, art teachers have been eliminated from the classroom. Our teachers struggle to find time and money to provide our kids with a comprehensive art program. FAD brings in lessons using different mediums that a teacher may not be able to afford to purchase for their classroom.

How can I help?

FAD needs volunteers in and outside the classroom. Each classroom volunteer commits to 5 training throughout the school year and 5 lessons. Our goal is for each participating classroom to have a team of at least 3 volunteers. These teams will help set up the lessons, teach the lesson and cleanup the lesson.

Do I need a background in Art or Teaching?

Absolutely not! We have experienced docents that will train you on everything you need to know. The best side effect of FAD thus far is watching parent volunteers learn and explore art alongside their children. The teaching portion of the lessons are brief and you will be given detail written instructions as well as face to face instruction with our docents.

I don't feel comfortable speaking in front of the class. Can I still help?

Absolutely! There are many opportunities to help in and out of the classroom. If you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a class, then you may sign up as an assistant. Trained assistants are needed to help the lessons run smoothly and to help individual students as needed. In addition, there are many other activities outside the classroom like cutting paper, washing brushes.

My teacher is not participating in FAD. How can I convince her/him?

FAD is an optional program and not all teachers participate. Feel free to speak to your teacher but be understanding if they choose not to participate.

Questions? Contact president@fairlandspta.com