Box Tops

With Box Tops for Education®, America’s schools have earned over $719 million. You can find Box Tops on hundreds of products throughout the grocery store. Fairlands alone has earned $21,918.32! Yes, those little 10 cent clippings really do add up!

Thank you to the entire Fairlands community for submitting your Box Tops for

the 2016-2017 school year! Fairlands earned $1,250.00 with your help!

Click here to see the list of eligible Box Tops products!


1. What comes out of my pocket?

That's the best part - nothing! You just have to take a moment to cut the official Box Tops coupon from items you have already purchased for your family. Think you can only find Box Tops on Cheerios? Guess what! Box Tops are on hundreds of products, including Hefty, Ziploc, Kleenex, Lysol, Annie's Organic, Green Giant produce, Old El Paso, Yoplait, and so much more! See the document attached below for the complete list.

2. When do I submit Box Tops?

You can clip and save Box Tops all year long, and submit them to your child's classroom anytime. Fairlands also does specific collection drives 2-3 times each school year (October, February, and June). These coincide with the November and March deadlines of the Box Tops program, allowing for payments to the school. (We sometimes also collect in June, because so often individual Box Tops have a June 30 expiration date! Those get sent to the Box Tops program, but pay out to the school with the November deadline.)

3. How do I submit Box Tops?

Submit Box Tops to your child's classroom in any of three different ways:

(1) put the Box Tops into a ziploc bag (write your child's name and teacher’s name on the bag or on a slip of paper inside the bag) OR

(2) tape or glue (NO staples!) your Box Tops to a collection sheet (**you can download below or at Even if you don’t fill up a sheet, please submit it by the deadline. OR

(3) go green and tape or glue them onto ANY scrap paper or envelope you have that you were going to recycle.

4. Why do you want my child's name and teacher's name on the submission?

It's not required to submit Box Tops - but it's the only way to guarantee that your child and his or her classroom will be eligible for the raffles and other prizes we do at the October and February collections!

5. Can I also submit Labels for Education?

No. That is a separate program with separate requirements.

6. Can I submit expired Box Tops? What about ones that are ripped? Do they have to be trimmed perfectly?

Please check the expiration date closely. The Box Tops program requires us to mail in the Box Tops in groups of 50 - and if even one Box Top out of the 50 is expired as of the date of mailing, the whole bundle is tossed. And they really do check!

You can submit ripped or torn Box Tops as long as the expiration date is clearly visible. And they don't have to be perfectly trimmed.

7. Are there other ways to earn Box Tops for Fairlands?

Yes! Box Tops has a brand new app, and you can earn extra Box Tops by uploading receipts for certain products. Find info at . Sometimes you will also find "Bonus Box Tops" along with the official coupons. Make sure to turn those in as well.

8. What products come with Box Tops?

There are hundreds of products at your local grocery store that contain Box Tops on the box. Here is a list of eligible products.

9. I still have questions!

No problem. You can find lots of information at You can also email with any questions. Thank you


This is just the logo. *Must have “official coupon” on it.

*Looks almost perfect, but expired

*Wrong Program