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eScrip is the best way to raise funds for the organizations you want to support. After you’ve signed up, earning is easy - just shop at thousands of eScrip merchants, grocers and drug stores in your town.

Our generous merchants pay it forward.

Our merchants care about community and they also care about having your business. By shopping with them they get great customers, and they pay it forward by contributing funds to the organizations you care about most.

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Fairlands PTA could potentially earn well over $50,000 by simply grocery shopping.

It is as simple as registering your family (relatives and neighbors, too) in free eScrip Rebate Programs. Major supermarkets, like Safeway, donate 2-4% of your quarterly grocery spending back to Fairlands.

Simply go to www.escrip.com and enter Fairlands Parent Teacher Association

ID#141538060 to register your Safeway Club card and other credit cards.