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Championship Meet Sign Ups are Posted! 

Swimmers can swim 5 out of the 6 events.

6 & U are only on Friday.  

Sign up for the days & races you'd like.  You do not have to swim both days, but we would love for you to! We are hosting this year here at Fairhope! Sign up by Monday, July 15. 

Swim Photos

Order your FAST swim pictures!! & Support the company who makes our banners! 

Passcode/access  :  fast

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Coaches Clinics 

Each week, our coaches offer small group sessions to work on stroke technique, starts and turns. These sessions are from 11:15-11:45 and are $10 per session. There is a poster in the pool area to sign up for these sessions. 

Summer Schedule - subject to change, but this is an outline so far. Check the website www.fairhopefast.org regularly. The calendar is on the home page.

For swim meets this summer, come prepared. Bring a chair. Also, participate in as many meets as you can. It's really rewarding for swimmers to see their times get faster, and every swimmer will get a ribbon after successfully and legally completing an event. Ribbons will be in a family folder system by name in front of the office windows

2024 Shirt

2024 Swim Bag

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2024 Fast Suit

2024 Fast Jammer

2024 Fast Suit

2024 Fast Suit

Join the FAST Facebook Group:  Fairhope Area Swim Team ~ F.A.S.T. 

Please post your Videos and pictures of the swim season to our page so we can all see the Swimmers and Coaches!!!!!!

Just a reminder about Weather and FAST FAST will practice Monday thru Friday, Rain or Shine.

If it is just rain the swimmers will swim, if there is thunder and the lifeguards issue a "out of pool" order until all clear the Coaches will implement Land techniques and skills to help the Swimmer until the Pool is reopened.

Inside Fairhope Municipal Pool

Recreation continues to grow on rapidly in Fairhope, and consequently, our summer swim team has grown significantly over the past few years.We have had over 250 swimmers participate for the FAST Sharks for the past 5 years. In an effort to keep everyone informed about the FAST meets and events, we are constantly working to communicate as effectively as possible each summer. We will be posting current info on the FAST Facebook page as well as sending mass email messages. We have added this info page up for you to access as well. We hope this will answer any questions parents might have. Remember, we are all parent volunteers and we need your involvement and support.

Thank you from the FAST board.