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Some Historical information kindly provide by Shaun Holbeche which I have added to 
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Record of trophy winners
2010-11    Oct-March     Link                           Andy Kissick
2011         Summer        No Trophy                  Andy Kissick
2011          Oct-Dec        Link                          Shaun Holbeche
2012         Jan-March     Bell                            Andy Kissick
2012         Summer        No Trophy                  Adam Kissick
2012         Oct-Dec        Link                          Shaun Holbeche
2013         Jan-Mar        Bell                           Shaun Holbeche
2013         Summer       No results available - none sailed
2013         Oct-Dec       Link                            Shaun Holbeche
2014         Jan-April      Bell                             Dave Fowler
2014         Summer       Baby Bell                    Shaun Holbeche
2014         Oct-Dec       Link No Results available - none sailed
2015         Jan-Mar       Bell                             Shaun Holbeche
2015         Summer       Baby Bell                    Shaun Holbeche
2015         Oct-Dec       Link No Results available - none sailed
2016         Jan-Mar       Bell                             Dave Fowler
2016         Summer       Baby Bell                     Dave Fowler 
2016         Northern Champs UKRCLA Trophy   Dave Fowler 
2016         Oct-Dec      Link No results available -none sailed, currently still held by Shaun Holbeche since2013
2017         Jan-April      Bell
2017         Summer       Baby Bell                    Dave Fowler
2017         Northern Champs UKRCLA Trophy  Shaun Holbeche
2017         Oct-Dec       Link   
2018         Jan-April      Bell
2018         Summer       Baby Bell
2018         Oct-Dec       Link

Trevor Bell has been summarizing the results in 2017 which is greatly appreciated : Cumulative results are up to date. 

Cumulative results for the RC Laser Northern District Oct-Dec 2017 Series  

After Round 1 (first five)
  1st David Foster Furness MBC
2nd Tony Wilson Fleetwood
                    3rd Robert Wheeler Blackpool and Fylde
    4th Skip Reaser  West Lancs YC
         5th Alan Tickle   West lancs YC     

Northern District Autumn/Winter Series 2017 Individual Event - Race Results

West Lancs Yacht Club Northern District Autumn/Winter 2017 ROUND 1 15th October 2017 

Cumulative results  for RC Laser Summer 2017 Northern District Series showing 

Final Positions Summer Bell Series 2017 (3 events to qualify in series)

RC Laser Northern Championships 2017 Winner Shaun Holbeche Fleetwood
2nd Robert Wheeler B&F
3rd John Sharman     Burwain
4th John Plant         Fleetwood
5th Hugo Chandor    Burwain

RC Laser Northern District Summer Series Winner Dave Fowler Blackpool & Fylde
2nd John Sharman   Burwain
3rd Robert Wheeler B&F
4th Hugo Chandor   Burwain
5th Tony Wilson      Fleetwood


Northern District Summer Series 2017 Individual Event - Race Results

FLEETWOOD MY&PBC RC LASERS Northern District 8th and Final round 8th October 2017 

                                 Also RC LASER 2017 NORTHERN DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS

BURWAIN SAILING CLUB RC LASERS Northern District 7th round 13th August 2017 

                             FLEETWOOD MYPBC Northern District 6th round 23rd July 2017 (NB also a National TT)

 BURWAIN SAILING CLUB RC LASERS Northern District 5th round 2nd July 2017 (NB also a National TT)


                       BURWAIN SAILING CLUB RC LASERS Northern District 4th round 4th June 2017

             BLACKPOOL & FYLDE  MBC (Fairhaven Lake) Northern District 3rd round 14th May 2017(NB also a National TT)

FLEETWOOD MYPBC Northern District 2nd round 30th April 2017

West Lancs Yacht Club Northern District Summer 2017 ROUND 1 (NB also a TT) 2nd April 2017 

Events above are the start of 2017

2016 RC Laser Summer Events Results

Northern Championships Result (On the day) held on the 23rd Oct 17 at West Lancs YC
 Northern District Championship RC Laser Results: (top five)

1. Dave Fowler
2. John Sharman
3. Shaun Holbeche
4. Mike Parkington
5. Skip Reasor

RC Laser Northern District Summer Series 2016 Final Standings

RC Laser Northern District Series Results: (top five)

1. Dave Fowler
2. Shaun Holbeche
3. John Sharman
4. Tim Long
5. Skip Reasor

Round 8 West Lancs YC (Southport) Sunday 23rd October 2016 FINAL ROUND the decider plus the Northern Championship (Best on the day)

Yachts and Yachting Report

Northern District Championship and Round 8 Northern District Series Result ( Full results not forwarded)

1. Dave Fowler
2. John Sharman
3. Shaun Holbeche
4. Mike Parkington
5. Skip Reasor

 Northern District Series Results after Round 7 held at Burwain SC
SkipperClubSail No.Round 1 10/04/16 WLYC ndRound 2 01/05/16 FW ndRound 3 26/06/16 B&F nd/ttRound 4 24/07/16 FW nd/ttRound 5 14/08/16 WLYC nd/ttRound 6 11/09/16 B&F ndRound 7 25/09/16 Burwain ndRound 8 23/10/16 WLYC ndTotal (Top 3)Position Overall
Shaun HolbecheFleetwood911000920001002921
John SharmanBurwain&K428820849300912682
Tim LongLlandudno999911006700002583
Dave FowlerKMBC840001000100002004
Alan TickleWLYC715575264066001965
Eric ReidB&FMBC356467055550371866
Skip ReasorWLYC3901807089001777
Derek PriestleyFleetwood469/67000751000001758
Hugo ChandorB&F801/5500354800821659
Tony WilsonFleetwood850105925780016210
John PlantFleetwood86205908500014411
Jim LydonFleetwood1505107800012912
Garry BensonFleetwood36043015006412213
Trevor BellFleetwood324635180330011414
David FosterWindermere62092000009215
Mike PartingtonFleetwood26084000008416
Jordan PorterWLYC847730000007317
Richard WhittleBurwain SC801000000737318
Peter IlesFleetwood739000630006319
Darren MussellBurwain SC893000000555520
Robert WheelerB&F60005100005121
Colin AppletonWLYC7333700010004722
Gary DewhurstBurwain SC479000000464623
Roger AtkinsDroitwich977000044004424
John Armstrong2 Islands8004300004325
Ken CooperWLYC831900021004026
Eddie GreenwoodFleetwood823000330003327
Michael DorrWLYC67280000002828
Glynn HowsonBurwain SC124000000282829
Sue PartingtonFleetwood69026000002630
Fran FaircloughBurwain SC701000000191931
Eric CravenB&F14001000001032
Thomas Dorr JnrWLYC184100000001033
Paul BalcombeFleetwood1000100001034
P.HiltonBurwain SC34000000101035

Round 7 Burwain SC 25th September 2016 Results RC Lasers ( full results photo of race results sheet below )

Boat Sail number      Boat Skipper             Club                     Club Points    Place

428                            John Sharman           Burwain               2                      2  Second
893                            Darren Mussell           Burwain               52                    6
479                            Gary Dewhurst           Burwain               61                    7
124                            Glyn Howson              Burwain              77                     9
91                             Sean Holbeche      Fleetwood      17                     1   First
35                              Eric Reid                    Fleetwood           65                     8
36                              Gary Benson              Fleetwood           46                     5
701                            Fran Fairclough         Burwain               92                   10
801                            Richard Whittle          Burwain              39                      4
455                            Hugo Chandor            Burwain              35                     3   Third
434                            Peter Hilton                Burwain             116                    11

Round 6 Blackpool and Fylde  Northern District Sunday 11th September (Cancelled)

Round 5 WLYC 24 July 2016 Results RC Lasers

14 Aug 2016RC LaserNorthern Series and National TT
West Lancs Yacht Club
1Dave FowlerKMSC840113131102111-10-3121
4Skip ReaserWLYC3942138243734-8-7262
7Tony WilsonFleetwood8573722524242-7-7263
2Alan TickleWLYC17126289631355-9-8334
3Eric ReidFleetwood337564715563-7-7355
5RogerAtkinsDroitwich MBC977544514868210-10-8396
9Trevor BellFleetwood321088471058476-10-10577
8Ken CooperWLYC83856953679810-10-9578
6Colin Appleton (733)WLYC336997687961010-10-10679

Round 4 Fleetwood 24 July 2016 Results RC Lasers

Round 3 Blackpool & Fylde Fairhaven 26 June 2016 Results RC Lasers

Northern District (and TT) RC Laser Summer Series 
Fairhaven Lake - 26 June 2016

Boat NoNameClub12345678910TotalD1D2D3Score
1840Dave FowlerKMMBC2234143121234415100
291Shaun HolbecheFleetwood15131322213335131592
3428John SharmanKeighley844221445236852384
4469Derek PriestleyFleetwood316846134642682875
5999Tim LongAbersoch531363666544663267
685Tony WilsonFleetwood1088613979347713105459
760Robert WheelerB&F413299511510117913115551
8008John Armstrong2 Islands1197757513877913115543
9801Hugo ChandarBurwains975588877872985535
1071Alan TickleWest Lancs7610127109811109012116726
1132Trevor BellFleetwood1310910101313109910613138018
1214Eric CravenB&F611111113111013131311213138610

Round 2 Fleetwood 1st May 2016 Results RC Lasers

Round 1 WLYC 10th April 2016 Results RC Lasers 

1st Shaun Holbeche. 91           Fleetwood
2.  Tim Long. 999                     Llandudno 
3.  John Sharman. 428             Burwain and Keighly 
4   Jordan Porter. 847               West Lancs YC
5   Eric Reid. 035                      B&FMBC
6   Alan Tickle 71                      West Lancs YC
7   Trevor Bell. 32                     Fleetwood
8   Colin Appleton. 33               ?? 
9   Michael Dorr. 67                  West Lancs YC
10 Ken Copper. 83                   ??
11 Thomas Dorr Jnr. 184          West Lancs YC

Previous  Years Results

RC Laser Northern  Championship

WLYC RC Laser Winter Series

Older Results


RC Laser Nationals Fleetwood 2014

Summer 2014 Northern TT Series

Blackpool and Fylde Open Club Events 2014 overall placings

January to April 2014 - Winter Series - Bell Trophy