2019 RC Laser Events

               NB Please scroll to bottom of page see Sailing instruction Notes 
               RC Laser 2019 Winter Series Jan-March  Series now complete

                     Next 2019 Series is :-

                     2019 RC Laser Northern Area Summer  Series  April - August

                     as the events list below starting on Sunday 7th April at West Lancs YC

                   NB Competitors must have sailed one event (using the result) away from their own club to qualify for the Northern Summer Series 


                 Sunday 7th April        West Lancs Yacht Club (Southport)               ND and TT

                 Sunday 21st April      Fleetwood MY&PBC                                       ND 

                 Nearby Event Sunday 5th May not part of series - Ayr Bay (Irvine Scotland ) TT

                 Sunday 12th May      Burwain Sailing Club   (Colne)                        ND

                 Nearby Event Sunday 26th May not part of series - B&FMBC Open Day 

                      Social Yachting informal class (grouped) racing Fun Day

                      Tea, coffee etc.. from the Club Community Building , 

                      View the new Fairhaven plans after the successful £1.5 m lottery bid.

                      Also Lake open day Lots To do usually try archery, big boat sailing, Farmers market

                       Saturday 15th June  B&FMBC  (Fairhaven Lake ,St Annes )          ND and TT

                 Please note the 15th and 16th June TTs are seperate events

                  Saturday 15th June evening meet up at Mount Hotel Fleetwood

                        Prices interest to be assessed.

                       (Social for  weekend visitors) Suggested plan for weekend visitors

                        Sail Fairhaven Saturday , arrange accommodation within reach of Fleetwood

                       (Motorhomes can park on Fleetwood Club carpark free) , Meal ? Social for a drink and chat 

                        at Mount Hotel Fleetwood (bar snacks ,acc etc.. ) Sat night  social 

                        from say 7:30  Sail Fleetwood Sunday.


                       Sunday 16th June     Fleetwood MY&PBC                                       ND and TT

                 Sunday 7th July        Burwain Sailing Club   (Colne)                         ND

                 Sunday 21st July      Fleetwood MY&PBC                                        ND 

                 Sunday 4th August   Provisional West Lancs to be confirmed                           ND


                 Sunday 25th August Burwain Sailing Club   (Colne)                         ND, TT and Northern Champs

                 Sunday 25th August Burwain Sailing Club   (Colne)                         Northern Championships 2019

                 Saturday 21st September  Fleetwood MY&PBC                               TT  Day 1 of National Championships


                 RC LASER National Championships 2019 is at Fleetwood  -21st-22nd September 

Practice (Lake Free) Friday 20th September

UK RC Laser event information TTs and National TT results are  posted on the RC Laser Association Website. 
  Click on the link  www.RClaser.org.uk   



                 RC Laser Northern Area Events Autumn / Winter Dates 2019    (3 to qualify) Most confirmed

                            Competitors must have sailed one event (using the result) away from their own club to qualify for the Northern Autumn/Winter Series 

                           Schedule is compact with DF TT and DF Holland event. Almost impossible to have a 6 event series

                           without cutting across one FW club RC Laser day


                             Sunday  29th September  ( Burwain )                                           Confirmed


                           Sunday 13th  October       ( West Lancs )                                     Provisional


                           Sunday  3rd November    Fleetwood                                            Confirmed


                           Sunday 17th  November  Burwain SC                                           Confirmed


                           Sunday  1st   December  Fleetwood                                             Confirmed  


                           Sunday 15th  December West Lancs     (Series prize giving)       Confirmed            



 To be added to the emailed event reminder list email: tickleap@hotmail.co.uk

Sailing Instruction Notes

Competitors must have sailed one event (using the result) away from their own club to qualify for the Northern Summer and Autumn Series (This will apply when the 2019 summer and autumn event dates are posted. This provision has been used where 3 events in the series have been sailed at one club sometimes due to changes of venue due to unforeseen circumstances eg road closures, weed issues etc..)

N.B. All Northern District RC Laser races are now run to Standard Sailing Instructions, see UKRCLA site for a full listing.

The races that are specifically for the Northern District have an additional caveat - This is, in effect, an encouragement to persuade you to lend your boat. 

If you lend your boat while a race is taking place, whether to race or simply to introduce a spectator to RC Laser sailing, so long as you tell the Race Officer, you will receive either the actual score for that race if the borrowing skipper is good,  or an average points score of your races up to that point in the proceedings, WHICHEVER IS THE BETTER. In other words, you do not lose out.

And no, you have to be reasonable, you can't win the first race and lend your boat for all the others!


In the past event venues have been tried at :- Glasson Dock (Weed), Preston Dock (poor 


If you know of a potential NW venue good sailing water, central for travelling 

Please contact Robert on 07977 302696.

Northern Series and TTs how to qualify.

Where events are marked as  Northern District (TT) Event and TT then the results are also fed into the National RC Laser series called the TTs.  is one 

Association membership is required for a TT result to be entered into the National Series, where 3 TT results need to be recorded to qualify. 

If you are not a member of the RC Laser Association then your Northern Series results are not affected and your results count towards the ND series result.