RC Lasers - Northern District 2017
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RC LASER NORTHERN DISTRICT Autumn/Winter series 3 events out of 5 to qualify

Next and final Round 5 to be held at West Lancs Yacht Club

 Sunday the  17th December 

Location: Marine Drive, Southport PR8 1RY

Briefing 10 am Start  10.30 am last race to be started before 3pm.

Great Location tea coffee food available

NB Even if you have not qualified  prizes are for the days racing and series so give it a go
Great chance to meet up with friends before Christmas .

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New Year Winter Series (January to March) starting after Christmas all at West Lancs Yacht Club
Great facilities,Warm Clubhouse, Good Food
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RC Laser Northern Championships 2017 Winner Shaun Holbeche Fleetwood

 2nd Robert Wheeler B&F

       3rd John Sharman     Burwain

          4th John Plant         Fleetwood

      5th Hugo Chandor    Burwain

RC Laser Northern District Summer Series Winner Dave Fowler Blackpool & Fylde

      2nd John Sharman   Burwain

3rd Robert Wheeler B&F

    4th Hugo Chandor   Burwain

       5th Tony Wilson      Fleetwood

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UK RC Laser event information TTs and National TT results are  posted on the RC Laser Association Website. 

  Click on the link  www.RClaser.org.uk


All Northern Events Briefing 10am First Race Start 10.30 

last race to start  before 3pm entry fee £5-00

Too maintain consistency the £5-00 entry fee has been discussed with the RC Laser reprsentatives from three clubs hosting the RC Laser series. (Any food arrangements are a matter for individual clubs)

Fairhaven Lasers continues as the Northern District website as last year. 

We hope to create a new website at some stage called RC Lasers Northern District

3 Races to Qualify (see notes)

NB Sailing Instruction Notes extract from :-

Competitors must have sailed one event (using the result) away from their own club to qualify for a Northern Series

For 2017 Burwain SC near Colne a  great venue and not too far to travel  with excellent facilities held three events this year including a TT. Well done all for supporting there thriving new RC Laser fleet. 

Sailing Instruction Notes - Please note these are at the bottom of the events page


In the past event venues have been tried at :- Glasson Dock (Weed), Preston Dock (poor attendance). 

If you know of a potential NW venue good sailing water, central for travelling 

Please contact Robert on 07977 302696.

Northern Series and TTs how to qualify.

Where events are marked as  Northern District (TT) Event and TT then the results are also fed into the National RC Laser series called the TTs.  

Association membership is required for a TT result to be entered into the National Series, where 3 TT results need to be recorded to qualify, but we are fortunate that in the North West we have four (plus the Sunday of the Nationals if you have entered the Nationals) TTs so we can qualify locally. 

If you are not a member of the RC Laser Association then your Northern Series results are not affected and your results count towards the ND series result.

RC Laser 428 Skipper John Sharman - Burwain SC