2017 Race Day Instructions 

Welcome to Fairfield Triathlon!
Make sure you have looked over the directions and the 
course maps to familiarize yourself with the race site and courses. 


Pack your transition bag including a towel, filled water bottle, shirt, shorts, socks, cycling/running shoes, hat, sweat band, hair ties, sunglasses, race/number belt, rubber bands, swim cap, goggles, ear plugs/nose plugs if you use them, Gu, Chomps
IPODS are not allowed. Wear your swim suit or trisuit. Don’t forget your helmet. Hydrate well 2 days before. Get extra sleep the week prior to rest your body for the big day. Eat very healthy the week before to boost your immunities and aid your performance. 
Carb load 2 days before. Morning of, make sure your eat breakfast and go to the 
bathroom before you leave the house. This will help your digestive system and 
avoid cramping. Eat protein the night before the race, this will feed your 
muscles! Avoid alcohol the week before, it dehydrates you and compromises 
your immunities. Pack: Change of Clothes, shower toiletries, fresh towel & Cash. 

Fold over your bike adhesive number over your bike frame. Your 
small number goes on the front of your helmet. Pin or place your bib on the front 
of your race shirt or belt. Wear your bib so you don’t forget it. 

You will receive your timing chip at Packet pick up. Your timing chip number will match your race number. Make sure as the volunteer hands you the chip that is correct, otherwise you will be racing under someone else’s number. Wear timing chip on your left ankle, with chip facing out.
If you need help putting on your timing chip strap, go to the Volunteer Table race morning and the
volunteers will assist you on putting it on. If you are not wearing it, you will not be timed. 

Race Morning: 
Apply Glide, Vaseline, chap stick and sunscreen 


5:15am Parking Opens Parking attendants will assist in Parking

Please do not park along curb in front of the school.
Parking is also allowed at Bradford Creek Pool, Lakeside Trails Pool, 
Ault Elementary and one side of Fairfield Park Drive. 
Please do not park in front of resident’s houses or on the grass. 
We want to create a positive experience for the neighborhood. 
If you live in Fairfield, please ride your bike to the Fairfield Athletic Club 
or be dropped off. Note: If you are riding your bike, make 
sure you are wearing your helmet & with strap on. You can 
be penalized before the race starts. 

5:30am Either Race Tattoos or Body Markings & Bike Inspections (FAC Parking Lot) 

You will be body marked with (your number) on both arms or you already have on your race tattoos given to you at Packet pick up, 
right leg front shin, left leg calf (your age). The purpose is for USAT officials to identify you and for RaceShots to post 
your pictures on line within 72 hours after the race. We will also mark
your swim time on your right calf.

Bike Inspections (Fairfield Athletic Club Parking Lot) 

Your brakes and handlebars will be inspected. Make sure 
your handlebars are wrapped and plugged. 

Helmet Inspections- Make sure your helmet fits snugly 
under your chin and cannot slide off. Wear a USAT 
approved helmet (available at all bike stores). 
If your helmet has been in an accident, do not use it! It is made of
a single impact compound that collapses upon impact.

Tru Tri Sports is our sponsor for on-site bike support. 

Tru Tri Sports will be on hand to assist you with your bike. 

If you need plugs, air in your tires or any adjustments 
proceed to the Tru Tri Tent next to the Body Markings 

6am  PREPAID Packet Pickup  Opens – Volunteer Table 

If you did not pick up your race bag, t-shirt or race number 
and need to on race morning for PREPAID at registration only 
You will need to show your driver’s license, USAT card if 
you are a member or have paid the one day insurance fee 
at registration. Do not forget these items, we cannot issue 
you your race number without them, USAT rules! 


Once your bike is inspected and you have been body 
marked, head to the Bike Transition Area through the front 
entrance. Find your Race Number on the bike racks. Each 
row will be numbered. Place your bike on the rack next to 
your number with the front of the bike facing out. Alternate 
bikes per side of the racks. 

Leave room for your neighbor, your space is as wide as 
your towel which you have layed out next to your bike. A 
distinct towel will help you spot your bike among the many. 

6:45am Bike Transition Closes 

Once the bike transition closes, no one will be allowed 
back in, so make sure you have your swim goggles & cap. 

NOTE: No Bikes may leave transition area until race 
management clears it! 

7am All Racers should be in Pool Area for Prayer, Pledge, 
National Anthem and Race Instructions 

7:15am 1st Racer with Fastest Swim Time enters the water, 2nd 
swimmer will walk down the steps (no jumping or diving) 
and begin 10 seconds later. Once we begin, there will be a 
continuous new swimmer starting every 10 seconds. Be 
watching for your number and line up in numerical order as 
your number gets closer. 


The pool is 25 meters. You will swim down the right side, 
do a flip turn or push off and swim back on the left side of 
the lane. Go under the rope and repeat down and back for 
every lane (which is 6 lanes). Once you have completed all 
6 lanes you will walk up the steps. There is a hand rail and 
volunteers will assist you out of the pool. Proceed to bike 
transition down the sidewalk. Do not run on wet concrete. 
Passing In The Swim Portion-
You may rest at the wall if you need to. Passing in the pool 
is allowed. Tap the foot of the person ahead of you. This 
will alert them that you want to pass. They will hug the wall 
or rope and you pass on their left. You may also pass at 
the wall. 


. Walk Bike in and out of the transition area to the 
mount/dismount line. 
. Securely fasten chin strap before leaving transition area 
(Cause for Penalty!) 
. Exit the transition area to the right. Ride on the right 
side (outside) lane of the 4 lane divided road. 
. Absolutely NO DRAFTING! You must be 3 bike lengths 
between you and the cyclist in front of you. (PENALTY) 
. Leave your helmet on and strapped until your bike is 
racked (Cause for PENALTY) 

. At the end of bike course portion of the race- properly 
rack your bike with the front facing in (Cause for penalty) 

LEFT!!! Never on the right and complete pass in 15 
. Major intersections and streets will be police protected. 
Follow all traffic laws. Car traffic will be allowed in the 
left hand lane. DO NOT RIDE NEAR THE CONES! It 
would be dangerous to hit one of them. 
. USAT Officials will be on the course. No warnings given. 
. Littering on the bike course (gu wrappers) or 
unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed (Cause for Penalty) 
. No water stops on the bike course, take a water bottle 
with you. 


. Follow signs and cones. Be alert. Traffic has the right 
. Water Stations every mile 
. No pacing with friends outside the race, per USAT rules. 
. Any course cutting is a disqualification. 
. The run is mainly on the sidewalks. Run up Mason, go 
through tunnel, Cont. on Mason until the lake, go around 
entire lake, Back on Mason sidewalk, cross Mason onto 
Fairfield Green, run in street until bridge, cross street,
turn left and run around entire lake, turn left, head towards Fairfield Green, turn right and head to Finish line in the street at the Fairfield Athletic Club rear driveway. 
. Make sure your Race Number is facing forward BEFORE 
you cross the Finish Line! 


Please review the USAT rules that are posted on our website.


. Cyclist will wait at the bike until the swimmer arrives. 
. Bike must be racked before timing chip is handed off. 
. The team member cyclist will leave the transition area. 
. Remember to hand the timing chip to the runner.
. Runner needs to be wearing the bib for the Finish Line.


Your race pictures will be available on line within 72 hours 
of our race. View your race photos on line at raceshots.net 


Volunteers will serve refreshments for all racers. Denny's, HEB are our refreshment sponsors. Please thank them and all the volunteers for their help. 
We could not have the race without them! 

. All Triathletes will receive a finisher medal 
. There will be awards given for each Age Division (1st, 2nd 
and 3rd Place) and Overall Male Finisher &
Overall Female Finisher. Overall Master's Male and Female. Relays will be awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd 


. Prize Drawings will be awarded. You must be present to 
win. On your race bib, you will have a pull tag, if you are staying for prize drawings, please remove your pull tag and deposit it into our prize drawing box.


For your convenience, the locker rooms inside the Fairfield Athletic Club will be open for restrooms and showers. Access the showers through the back door of the Fairfield Athletic Club by the pool. 

Additional Restrooms
There are also 2 restrooms in the front lobby area of the Fairfield Athletic Club. There will be 4 bathrooms available outside by the pool and 2 Port-a-potties at the beginning of the run course. 

LOST & FOUND: Check at the Front Desk of the Fairfield Athletic Club Lobby on Race Morning if you have misplaced your belongings. We will turn in any found items there. Please make sure you do not leave your belongings by the pool. Remember to retrieve them after you finish your race. Go through the building to the pool area if the pool gate is locked.


If you had a great race experience, please email me with your story. 

I would love to hear about it. Also if you have some suggestions, please send those as well. We have made every effort to ensure a safe race and to provide a family friendly event. I appreciate your participation in our 8th Annual Triathlon in Fairfield. We hope it was everything you hoped it would be and more. Please keep us in mind 
for next year and spread the word to friends that if you can “tri” so can they! My email address is: mbyrne9961@aol.com


Charlotte Byrne, Race Director