FAQ's Beginner Triathlete
What is the minimum equipment I need to race?
At minimum, you will need a pair of swim goggles, a bike, a helmet, a pair of running shoes, and a USAT license (one-day or annual).

Do I need to purchase an annual USAT license?
No, you will however be required  to purchase a one day license for $15 for your race. An annual license costs $50for adults and $15 for youth (anyone under the age of 16). This is your insurance during the race.

Do I need bike shoes and pedals?
No, you can wear your running shoes throughout your race. Having cycling shoes improves efficiency.

What should I eat before my race?
You should eat breakfast. Protein rich foods and carbs are always good for a pre-race meal. However if it is not  something you would normally eat, do not try it on race day.
Do I have to have a tri/road bike?
No, any bike (mountain, road or  tri) you have will work. The best bike is one that fits properly and you are comfortable riding. Have your bike serviced before the race, checking your brakes & tires. Tru Tri Sports is offering FREE bicycle inspections through Oct. 14th, Call (281)758-2399 to schedule your inspection, ask for Frank.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes, you are required by USAT to  wear a CPSC approved helmet at all times (before, during and after the event) while on the bike, failure to do so will result in disqualification. You must  also keep the chin strap fastened while on the bike. Volunteers will check helmets as you arrive for check in. The inside of your helmet you should be able to find a sticker that has the letter “CPSC” on it, if it does not it is not an  approved helmet. Most helmets purchased in the US are approved.

What is my “race age”?

Your “race age” is your age as of  December 31 of the current year.

What will get checked when I arrive at my race?
As you walk into the transition  area, your helmet will be check to make sure it is CPSC legal and your bike will  be checked for bar ends (covers the end of the handlebars) . You are required to have bar ends on your bike.

Do I have to wear tri specific clothing?
You are not required to, however  tri clothing is designed to dry quickly after your swim and wick away sweat during your bike and run. 
What are the most common violations?
For a list of the most common violation and their penalties see Fairfield Triathlon Rules page