When growing onions, we use transplants. These onions are planted in early spring. They are placed into the ground with the pointy
end up. The onions are planted one and a half to two inches below the soil and about three to four inches apart. We use a semi-manual planter. Two people sit on the planter behind barrels of water. Here they hand pick out the onions and place them onto a carousel. These carousels then take the onions and plant them into the plowed rows. They are then covered with dirt and water. After the fields have been planted, we walk the rows to make sure that all of the onions have been planted with their tops toward the sky and have been covered with dirt. Onions become ripe when one-quarter of their tops haven fallen over and the bulbs have developed a papery skin. When growing onions for storage, they should be harvested when at least half of the tops have fallen over. The onions are left in the ground for several days and afterward are pulled and left to cure in a warm, airy place for at least two weeks. We harvest our onions by hand. We pull each one out of the ground. When properly dried, an onion should have a dry, shrunken neck and dry skin. The best storing temperature for onions is around 32 degrees farenheit. Onions will sprout around 40 degrees farenheit.

Our onion varieties include:

Yellow Onions

Red Onions