What's Up With Utah Referendum 1?

Arguments on both sides of the story from a Utah voter's point of view.

I felt bombarted by ads for and against Utah Referendum 1 for school vouchers.  I had no idea what to do.  I heard commercials say yes.  I heard commercials say no. a 30-second commercial can hardly put forth valid arguments.  So I had to go looking. 

What I found was a lot of accusations, name-calling, heated fights and irrelevant information.  I tried to piece together the facts and put the arguments into perspective.  I hope my format of comparison will help those who truly are unsure which way to go.  I do state my personal opinion at the end, but until then the arguments are lined up right next to each other as un-skewed as I think I can get. 


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This site does not discuss who is backing the law, what organization is paying for commercials, where the legislation originated or any other information that is not directly relevant to the actual effect the voucher law would have.  If you wish to view the arguments without my personal opinion, please see below.

See the commercials:

Search "Linda and Richard Eyre" to find some Pro-voucher videos.

Search "Utahns for public schools" to find some Anti-voucher videos.