Fair Children Youth Foundation (FCYF) was created in 2003 to restore human rights and to rebuild lives and community in Rwanda. We are based in Musanze, a beautiful area in northern Rwanda that suffered excessively from the consequences of civil war, genocide and disease, because of its exposed location on the border with DRC and Uganda.

From the outset, our intent was to develop and introduce an integrated grassroots program of community-based projects and activities that, once successfully implemented at local level, would also inspire others and serve as a regional and national model for sustainability and replication throughout our country


We are dedicated to create a community of love where people share and live together in dignity and grace. We are committed to end poverty of all community members and we work in partnership with all stake holders who are accountable and committed to development


Our mission is to work together with all community members for our development. We promote strong community-based initiatives to solve problems and strengthen the capacity of our members - including and especially children, youth and women - to access the psycho-social, educational and economic resources they need to survive and flourish. We believe that strong mothers create strong children and youth, who are the future of our beloved Rwanda and our world

  • Community awareness and education in human, child and women's rights
  • Emergency support for orphans in shelter, food security, HIV testing and health care
  • Training programs for community leaders and volunteer mentors in counseling and psycho-social support skills
  • 'Nkundabana' (I love children') mentoring of child-headed households and vulnerable families in their own homes
  • Early childhood development and nursery education 
  • Primary schooling
  • Literacy training for older youth and women
  • Special education for hearing impaired children and others with learning disabilities
  • Vocational training for youth, women and people affected by HIV/Aids 
  • Trade associations and income generating opportunities
  • Gardening and sustainable food projects
  • Women's agricultural  and income generating cooperatives
  • Micro-loan facilities


Integrity      +      Commitment      +     Accountability


Strong Mothers - Strong Children - Strong Community Initiatives