Extra Credit

Very few extra credit opportunities will be made available.  However, at times students can earn additional points on assignments by going "above and beyond" what is expected, and some exams allow for additional points to be earned.

SOME exams allow a make-up opportunity, but there is a catch:

At the teacher's discretion, some exam point values may be adjusted, depending on student performance.  A 50 question exam may be valued as a 45 question exam.  Students who choose to retake the exam will be able to earn 1/2 point back per missed question BUT, their exam will be scored out of the original 50, rather than 45.

Student 1 gets 45/50 on attempt 1, this would be adjusted to 45/45 (100%).

Student 2 gets 30/50 on attempt 1 and choses to retake the exam.  They can earn back a maximum of 10 points, giving them a score of 40/50 (80%).

This system is designed to encourage students to do well on the first attempt.  Keep in mind that this option, as well as any extra credit is not a constant.  Only certain exams follow this format, and students do not know which exams will have retake opportunities.