Fairbanks Aviation Day 2016

What:  Fairbanks Aviation Day

Where: East Ramp, Fairbanks International Airport, 3504 South University Avenue

When:  Saturday, May 21, - 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

FREE Admission

Who:    Youth, adults and anyone who is just “plane crazy.”

Curious about what happens at Fairbanks International Airport?  Would you like to get up close to real airplanes? Receive instructions from an FAA Air Traffic Controller? Plan a flight-seeing trip for this summer? You will be able to do all these things, and a lot more on Saturday, May 21st at Fairbanks Aviation Day.  This one-day event includes airport tours, mini-seminars, a pancake breakfast, free flights for youth, ages 8-17, display aircraft, and a chance to take a tour "behind the scenes."  

A listing of the Fairbanks Aviation Day activities provides highlights of the day.

A sponsor and exhibitor packet is available.

A press release may be downloaded.

Mark your calendar and come to the airport!

Fairbanks Aviation Day Flyer

Where is the event?  UAF's new aviation facility, 3504 South University Avenue. Look for the FedEx 727.  Here is a link to a Google Map

Activities listing, press release, schedules and other information may be found in the files below. 

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