FEA and NEA History

Past Presidents of FEA

1967-1968: Lou Dey
1968-1969: Harvey Haggard
1969-1970: Bill O'Dell
1970-1971: Rita Millison
1971-1972: Bill O'Dell
1972-1973: Mary Ann Eininger
1973-1974: Red Williams
1974-1975: Don Gray
1975-1976: Bill O'Dell
1976-1977: Susan Stitham
1977-1978: Deborah Pomeroy
1978-1979: Gayle Pierce
1979-1980: Ruthanne Rust
1980-1981: Bob Curran
1981-1982: Carol Merritt
1982-1983: Susan Stitham
1983-1984: Margaret VanFlein
1984-1986: Mary Lou Brent (2 terms)
1986-1987: Dennis Lee
1987-1989: Claudia Douglas (2 terms)
1989-1991: Carole Evans (2 terms)
1991-1993: Bonnie Barber (2 terms)
1993-1995: Alexander McFarlane (2 terms)
1995-1997: Bill Bjork (2 terms)
1997-1999: Beth Aune (2 terms)
1999-2001: Jeff Walters (2 terms)
2001-2003: Mary Cofer (2 terms)
2003-2005: Tom Richards (2 terms)
2005-2007: Nancy Duez (1 term)
2007-2011: Steve Laroe (2 terms)
2011-2015: Tammy Smith (2 terms)
Present:     Nancy Duez

The history page of NEA national can be found at this link.   http://www.nea.org/home/1704.htm

                                                                             The Symbol of the United Teaching Profession
This symbol, adopted by the NEA Executive Committee in 1966, combines the legacy of the past (the pi symbol is the ancient Greek word for education) with new direction for the future (the arrow across the pi symbol). The spherical triangle, serving as a background, represents the mutually supportive programs of local, state, and national education associations to advance education. The design symbolizes the forward thrust of education through a united teaching profession.